Monday, January 27, 2014

Thoughts on Losing Weight

Hey hey Happy Monday! So I’ve been thinking lately, about my weight loss.

That junk is hard! Ugh.

I started trying to drop some el-bees in June of last year. My starting weight had ballooned to 171.2. YIKES. By December I successfully dropped 25 of those suckers through healthier eating and regular exercise. However, for the past month or two I’ve been hovering around the same zone of 147-150. The lowest weight I saw was 146 but that was on a day I stayed home sick and hadn’t eaten much so I’m attributing it to that. My goal weight is 135 and then I plan to work hard on toning up and maintaining. So I’m about 15 pounds away from my goal weight. I tend to really be stuck at 148 most days. MUST BE MORE DISCIPLINED!

Now, for some random thoughts:

-       - My three day a week routine consists of 90% weight training. That really makes it hard to lose weight because I’m gaining muscle while trying to lose fat. I’m okay with gaining muscle but I hate that it’s making it hard to reach that “magic number” in my head of 135. I know it’s not all about the number on the scale, but that’s where I want to be. I’m at a plateau right now and struggling to break through.

-      - Putting weight on is super easy. We should really switch to this method rather than losing. I’d definitely reach that goal! For real though, I can work super hard for two weeks straight and lose 4 pounds, then have one really fun eating weekend and it’s all back. Grrr. On a side note, Texas Roadhouse’s Grilled Shrimp Entrée is AMAZEBALLS. That’s all.

-       - Some days, even though I’ve lost ~25 lbs., I still feel like a busted can of biscuits. The only area I’ve seen noticeable toning has been my arms. However, I only see that when I’m flexing. Unfortunately I can’t walk around flexing all day every day. People would get jealous. So instead in my non-flex state I still have a flabby looking arm. I vow to have tank top worthy arms come warm weather season! I’m kind of obsessing over having toned arms.

-       - Clothes are fitting better. When I cleaned out my closet recently, I tried on a bunch of my favorite jeans that were shoved in the back because I planned to fit into them again “one day”. One of them is a pair of skinny jeans from AE that I loved. I tried them on thinking they wouldn’t go up my thigh (like last time) and they not only went on but buttoned!! Now I can’t go having anyone besides my thighs hanging out in them because they’re not roomy, but by God they went on and I even wore them in public. SCORE. They’re a size 10 (see below) and I really hope to not fit into them in a few months (as in they’ll be too big) but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen due to a perpetual donk. I did however recently experience the back of the jeans gap. I’ve never had that because my butt is just big and didn’t perk up much, but apparently the squats are working because my booty was sticking out causing a small waisted gap! SCORE #2.

-       - Punching extra holes in belts makes me vedy vedy heppy!! Thanks Dad for acquiring a belt hole puncher for your ever-shrinking daughter (ha!)

-       - I’ve started randomly riding my bike around the neighborhood. I’m super enjoying it. I would like to invest in a nice bike with changing gears but for now, I’ll ride my beach cruiser and curse the hills! Oh and sometimes I have to go for a ride when I get home so I can eat dinner. Whatever works…calorie counting!

-       - I’m obsessed with being tiny and cute. Which I’ll never be. It’s just not in my bone structure. When I see girls with skinny little calves in boots with lots of room to put an extra set of calves in there, I seethe with envy. I’ve noticed mine have gotten smaller (which led to a very expensive rainboot purchase!) but no matter how many calf raises I do, I’ll always be a big calved girl. Oh well, at least I have a great head of hair. And I’ll get picked first for Kickball. Take that scraggly haired girls with skinny calves!

-        I’m having fun(?) trying to figure out ways to eat healthy. I tried mason jar salads (Pinterest, I love you) last week and they were easy, convenient and healthy. I tried some different recipes this week, all prepped on Sunday. I’m loving them! 

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Until then I’ll be truckin towards that dream bod because I’ve got a loooong way to go! And lest I forget…I’ll focus on how far I’ve come instead of how far I have to go. Take a look at this gem circa early 2013!              

Buzz, your girlfriend…WOOF!  January 2013, 160 ish, Size 10.


Much better! January 2014 @ 147 lbs. Size 10


  1. You inspire me SO much!!! Is it creepy that I think about you all the time at the gym? Let's hope not. But when I'm doing weights and stuff and I want to quit, I think about how if you were with me, you wouldn't let me. It's dumb, but it would work better if you were actually here, so...wanna move to Athens?? ;)

  2. Hey girlie well you may never be tiny... but tiny is not always healthy and I'm with ya you see the girls with little calves and cringe I see girls with little thighs :) although I don't care to have a thigh gap slender thighs would be okay!!! I'm not sure what type of eating you do but my husband and I are paleo which basically means meat, veggies, and fruit (we eat dairy and a few others that are supposed "no no's" but we can tell a difference in the no carb diet!! Since he is Navy and they have a physical readiness test twice a year he has ppl coming to him b/c they heard from someone about losing weight (they can kick you out if you fail 3 times in a row)! He has gotten quite a few ppl to drop the Ibs. Just an idea to help even if it's only a few days a week! Best of luck getting to your goal you look great regardless... great motivation for those of us who can have an excuse!!!

  3. Wow! I'm really sorry I haven't been by sooner. I'm about to start a bit of a health kick and weight loss journey myself and needing all the inspiration I can get.

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