Monday, March 10, 2014

The Overstreet Wedding

This past Saturday we went to a beautiful wedding at a place called Dover Farms. The weather couldn’t have been better for an outside ceremony!

Quick outfit note: I had planned to wear my red wedding dress and didn’t really think to have a plan B…however, when I tried said dress on, sadly it was baggy in all the wrong places. This is good because after losing 25 lbs I’d hope that it wasn’t still skin tight. However this is bad because I really love that dress and I’ve only gotten to wear it once. So…I ended up in a pencil skirt and black top. Boring, but what’s a girl to do. I just don’t feel like spending money these days on special occasion dresses. Well, I should probably say I have other things I choose to spend my money on like Starbucks and workout clothes saving it.

Any who, the wedding was beautiful. The food was delish. The company was fabulous. The couple was joyous. Now for some pictures!



This girl rocks my socks!


Ryan sang to Alexis when she got to him at the end of the aisle. It was perfect!


White hydrangeas and roses were in abundance. Love!


James Party of Two


Alana’s dress was so pretty…I need it!

photo7 photo8

Fabulous cakes!


Beautiful bride!

unnamed (1)

Handsome groom!


May they live Happily Ever After!


  1. Lovely pictures!! you should have your dress altered... it's crazy what some women can do with a sewing machine!!!

  2. I love the outfit you came up with!! And that groom's cake is SO awesome!!!! I just want that for my next cake cool!!!

  3. Gorgeous wedding and I'm so jealous of you being outdoors with no coat and short sleeves!

    You should look in to Rent the Runway. Seriously awesome. I like to act like I'm fancy and never wear the same dress twice so this allows that. Plus you don't have to commit to a dress you won't fit in to soon.



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