Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This 27 Year Old Face

Lately I’ve been noticing more and more that it’s probably time, at the ripe old age of 27, that I invest in some facial products in the form of makeup. Cue sad music.

I’m not a makeup wearer. I hate having anything on my face because I’m a rubber. Hands always on my face, in my eyes, smudging up junk. I’m really just a chapstick + mascara girl. I’m also extremely cheap frugal and let’s face it – makeup is freaking expensive! I’m also completely makeup incompetent and don’t know what to buy or how to put it on.

With that being said, some days I feel like my skin is a little cray-cray and I may be in need of some concealer or something. New marks and blemishes every day it seems. Whatever it is you ladies use to give you some even coverage, I’d love to know! I don’t want anything heavy or cake-like. And preferably with non-melting capabilities seeing as this is Florida and it’s hot as balls here. And humid. And it rains a lot. I’d also like something natural looking!

So…any suggestions on what a girl is to get that’s good and cheap?

Help a sister out. 


  1. Oh, I remember making the transition from just eye makeup to whole face. I also love looking back to when I thought I had bad skin (not that I do now, I just have more redness than I used to).

    I use liquid concealer. Currently I use Mac, but it's almost out and not that it isn't good but I don't think it's necessarily worth the extra $15. I'll likely just replace it with drugstore stuff (I usually go Maybelline for some reason). Then I just use mineral powder foundation. I've heard good things about Physician's Formula. I've never been able to master liquid foundation and I think it's silly to take all of the character and color out of my face to put it back with more makeup. Sometimes I'll use BB cream if I want a little extra, but it's rare. The powder foundation I've found actually stays better than liquid. No one wants a melty face and you usually have to put powder on top of that stuff to set it anyway.

    Good luck! Just troll the aisle at Target. Just remember to match to your neck, not your hand.

  2. I can help you with good, but not necessarily cheap. ;) I think you'll have to pick one or the other, ha.

  3. Gah! We're in the same boat! I'm very frugal, er cheap, when it comes to make-up. I just can't bring myself to spend $30 on a little tube of concealer. BUT, I have recently bought a few items to help my ripe old almost 26 face to look a little fresher. I'll share my tips with you once I try everything out. Good luck!

  4. I use Bare Escentuals, and love it.

  5. Girl, you're gorgeous! When I use or wear make up, I usually just use powder (makes me feel like I have full face on). I have an oily face, so I don't need foundation to make me any more oily. I use Merle Norman. The powder runs me about $25-30, but lasts me roughly 4-5 months. My mascara is ole' big lots for $3. I lurve it! I just throw on a lipstick and bam! no one looks at the "natural" face, it's all on the lips.

    1. You're way too kind! I think I might go exploring at Ulta this weekend to poke around and see if I can find something. Thanks for your advice!

  6. I hate wearing makeup as well but recently a girlfriend has taught me some tricks to make my eyes pop.. I am usually just a powder mascara and alittle eyeshadow on special occasions. I tried bare minerals and I liked it alot it didn't feel like I was wearing anything but made me feel prettier. Lol you are absolutely gorgeous though and have beautiful skin so definitely get something very light.



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