Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday (Not) Five

I haven’t written a blog post in forevah. So why not randomly drop in and do a Friday Five Three!? Sorry, I can only think of three things without entirely repeating everything that’s been done on Instagram and Facebook. That’s even repeating a little. Oh well. Darn all the social medias! Leaves no blogging surprise.

I have some major catching up to do. It’s not from lack of planning, I’ve done all of that, just have to execute it. That’s where I fall short.

I got a new phone! Mine has been pretty much inoperable the last 4 weeks with occasional bursts of cooperativeness. I ordered the new iPhone 6 (in gold) in early October and it just came in on Wednesday. To say I’m in love is an understatement. The phone has so many neat little features and I am digging it. I’m also madly in love with this suhweet Little Mermaid painted-looking wallpaper background. I know not having a working phone is hardly a first world problem, but once you have one and then go without, it’s pretty stinky. I’m also pretty pumped about the fact that I don’t have to delete a picture to take a picture. Space was such an issue on my last one. So happy to “have my life back”!

I shared this photo on Instagram this morning so sorry for the repeat, but I am also entirely smitten with my new blanket scarf. It’s the Zara Blanket Scarf look alike. I bought it from an Instagram seller but I have seen them for sale all over the internets. You must get one! It’s amazeballs.
I started a new workout program on Monday. It is absolutely kicking my butt but in a good way! Seventy-eight days until our cruise though so it is time to kick it into high gear!
Apartment life has treated us well thus far, but we’re definitely ready for the next Chapter. That deserves a post in itself though so stay tuned! 

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