Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hot (Couch) Potato

What better way to end a blogging hiatus than with a random couch post?

We tend to get new couches a lot. Not sure why, it just happens I guess! According to David I’m temporarily pleased. Psh, what does he know! Okay maybe I am…but let’s not pretend for one second he isn’t either…I digress! Thus begins the story of the James Family couches…

Once upon a time a newlywed couple lived in a tiny little quadruplex. They sat their rears and raised their puppy on some hand-me-down cream colored couches from the wife’s parents. They look extremely filthy in this picture, must be the lighting because although they were well loved they weren't that gross.
The couches served them well but when they bought their first house the husband let the wife blow a nice chunk of his savings on new furniture. Yes, I said his savings. The husband did all the hard work preparing and planning for their new future together while the wife focused on graduating from college not saving any money, shopping and planning their wedding. Any who, the wife had a lot of fun pointing and picking in the store and ended up with a lovely chocolate sofa and loveseat amongst many other items. The husband almost fainted in the store but that’s neither here nor there. Makes a great story! 
Those couches did their thing but when they sold that house they sold the couches to a friend. Then the next couch to join the family was a large sectional that the wife bought from some other friends who were looking to change their furniture.
That couch spent the most time with us (a few years) but then the wife started having dreams of leather nailhead trim couches and talked the husband into letting her sell the sectional. She’d seen too many designer living rooms and thought she needed one too. The nice people who purchased the husband and wife’s house wanted to buy the sectional so the deal was sealed.
The husband and the wife picked out a beautiful leather couch just like the wife wanted. It had nail head trim and all. It was a very pretty couch but they quickly realized it wasn’t the couch for them. The husband was a patient man and asked the wife if she wanted to get another couch. One that fit them and their two fur children better. The wife agreed that’d be the best bet and so one Craigslist sale later, they were couch less and on the hunt for a new one…
Then could it be…just that easy? The husband and wife fell in love with a sectional in less than 30 minutes of store hopping and couch shopping. Although the cream color suited her fancy, they went the sensible route and ordered it in charcoal. The bad news is the couch is on back order and could potentially not be here until January. The good news is the husband and wife have some sweet FSU fold up chairs to sit in and whine about not having a couch for the time being.
That brings us to the end of the story. Where they lived happily ever after. Sitting in fold up chairs. In their apartment. Where they live with their two dogs and are waiting patiently on the arrival of their new couch!


  1. Ummmm...I'm not a couch hot potato person, but now I want to be. I've been dreaming of a new couch, and the one you just ordered totally fits the bill. Where'd you find it? (Bonus points if it's approximately FREE)

  2. This is hilarious!! We're on our 2nd couch I believe. It just adds flavor to the story ;)

  3. Love it!!! We have one very similar and in the same color!!!

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  5. I am hoping the same best effort from you in the future as well.
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