Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Celebrating the 4th at Live Oak Island

I meant to blog about this sooner and then kind of forgot. So let's pretend this post went up immediately following Independence Day, okay?

Picture heavy post ahead!

We were lucky enough to get to spend the Holiday Weekend at Fred's house again in Live Oak Island.  There were several of us down there coming and going and at one point there were even some folks sleeping on cots in the giant laundry room. So much fun!
Handsome hubby!
We left for the island on Friday the 4th and got there in the morning so we had a full day on the boat awaiting us.
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David was on Fred and crew's boat. Hey Bookie!

Funny story. My Dad needed me to drive the boat so he could navigate the shallow waters. I know there's a throttle and what not but for some reason he didn't give me many instructions before operating...next thing I know he's standing on the front of the boat, I'm told to stop or shut off or something and I floored it! The boat pulled a super fast u-ey and we had a near miss of the shoreline. Brian and Tara were behind us and I can only imagine the hilariousness that they saw. Mom and I got a good laugh out of it!
Brian & Tara

We spent the majority of the day exploring the inlets. 
Mom looks naked. Awesome!
Some spots were so shallow the guys had to get out and push/pull/drag the boats through.
Oh hi!
{Suit from Target}
Once we got back to the house it was dinner and relaxation time! 
And then a sunset cruise was in order. 
Captain Fred at the helm
Mom and Dad hanging out at Shell Point.
Brian & Tara
Robin & Chrissy (momma & daughter)
Redneck Yacht Club
God bless America
Michael and Brad hanging out watching the sunset. 
My love and I.
Robin testing out Michael's bed. Ha!
Later that night we went back out in the boat to watch the fireworks at Shell Point. 
After the fireworks were done we all still hung out in the boats for a long while. The water was really shallow, less than 5 feet and I was hanging off the front of the boat looking in the crystal clear water with a flashlight. All the sudden I see two yellow eyes swimming straight towards the boat and a small shark swam right under me! Shortly after he went by a giant sting ray went sailing by too. So cool!
The next day it was back on the boat, business as usual!
Now I look Naked. Great!
Suck it in stick 'em out! Oy. My preferred fishing spot.
Fred and my Dad spent a while in the water at this spot we went to. Fred had his GoPro on and got some awesome footage of a Ramora, a sea turtle and lots of other cool sea life! We also saw a 6' shark that came right up to the boat chasing a fish on the pole. I was shrieking with fear and excitement because he looked like he was going to come right aboard the boat! 
After some fishing we went to the sandbar and hung out for a while. It was gorgeous and there were so many boats!
Friendly head lock on my pops.
After a long day at sea it was back to the house for burgers! We also got to watch the GoPro footage from the day. So neat. Seriously good stuff.
Then we just hung out. See what I did there?
One more sunset cruise to top off the trip!
Love my Daddy! 

While we were toodling in the boat I was trying to fish/troll and happened to catch a nice flounder! Total surprise, I thought I was dragging bottom. Fun fun!
Such a pretty evening!

Fred, thanks as always for having us. We had such a wonderful time!

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