Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy Homeowners!

Friday, July 24, 2015 we closed on our new home! Emotions ran high last week. We were stressed to the max and it was just a rough week. Monday started with the final home inspection. This was an optional route that we opted to take. You wouldn’t think you’d need a home inspection on a brand new house, but we felt that it would be worth the peace of mind to have it done. I’m glad we did. There wasn’t anything major but just a few things here and there that needed to be addressed before closing. In addition to the inspection list we had a punch list of our own with tons of minor things to give to the builder to fix. We wanted these things to be done by closing on Friday at noon which meant that time was of the essence for the builder and his crew by the time they received the to-do list Monday afternoon.

We stayed away for the next three days until our final walk through on Thursday night. There was still a small to do list but nothing that would keep us from closing the next day.

I hardly slept Thursday night. Oh the excitement, nervousness and anticipation had a lot to do with it, but really it was because that was going on the fourth night of David, myself and both dogs sleeping on the couch! We packed up the bed and mattress over the weekend so it was one less thing to do. Looking back we probably should have at least left the mattress out. Ha!

Friday came and I was up early packing the apartment. It’s amazing the amount of stuff that two people can collect in a one bedroom apartment. We even tried to remind ourselves over the last year that we don’t need to bring stuff in because it’s all going back out soon. Well, it took me days to pack but at least that’s behind us now.

We continued to load up our friend’s covered trailer (thank you Bryant!!) that morning so we’d be ready to go after closing.
Closing came and went and next thing we knew we were holding a handful of shiny house keys!
Then it was time to get busy. Go time! Yes, we started moving within two hours after closing. We were antsy to say the least. 
The rest of the weekend was a blur. Family and friends came and went and hauled and pushed and lifted our belongings. We are so very thankful for every single one of them!

Here are some photos I snapped throughout the weekend. I also took some of the house the night of the walk through while it was still empty so I will share those soon! 
Sums up our exhaustion on day two of moving.

We closed Friday at noon. Friday night, less than 24 hours after closing, a small pine tree fell and hit the house. There was a massive storm and the damage could have been much worse but dang it! A tree fell and smashed our fence within a month of living in our last house too. Must be tradition...Oy.

Our sweet neighbors and friends Davy and Caroline delivered some homemade cookies to us Saturday morning! 

Calm before the storm. Two loads in and starting to unpack.

I seriously just love this kitchen. I cannot wait to break out my big camera and do a full house tour once we are unpacked!

The puppies were SOOO excited to check out their new house and yard!!

Kali, Cole, Mom, Dad, David.

Rachael and Mom on light cleaning duty.

Loved our housewarming basket from Meghan and Russ!

Me, Rachael, Russ, Meghan and Bryant.
This week we have been unpacking, putting up blinds and cleaning the apartment in addition to all the other billions of things getting checked off the list. David planted all of the front landscaping last night. It looks so much better already! Thanks babe for all of your hard work!
Adding to the list of sweet visitors, my good friend Erin (and Jack and Jonah) came by and brought cookies and wine tonight! We seriously have the best friends. Gosh I love my peeps!

It's really hard to get up and go to work knowing that there's so much that needs to be done at home. I just want to stay home and twirl around my living room and of course DECORATE ALL THE SPACES! 


  1. Ugh- I can barely even read this, I am SO FREAKING JEALOUS!!!! The house looks unbelievable! I want you to come build one for me. Also- that SUCKS about the pine tree!! What're the odds??!

    1. Thank you so much Erika!! I'm in, just tell my boss that you're going to need me for approximately four months and then I can come back!! :) Thanks again!!

  2. I love it!! We'll be doing the same thing starting tomorrow... Wish us luck!

    1. Good luck Kelly!! May the force (and weather) be with you! We lucked out and encountered no rain...have fun and enjoy! As much as one can enjoy moving anyway...ha!



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