Monday, July 13, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 – A Family Tradition [Cape San Blas]

As we do every year, we spent our Memorial Weekend with friends and family at St. Joseph State Park in Cape San Blas, Florida.

If you have a great memory, you will remember that last year was our first camping trip in the travel trailer. It served us well but as I had predicted, it was far too big for our needs. I mean yes technically it was great in that it was roomy for us and the dogs (and any extra guests for that matter) but it was just monstrous. We actually really struggled even getting it into the campsite last year. Upon our return home it led us to re-evaluate our situation. That was also around the exact time that we put the house up for sale so selling the trailer seemed like a good idea too.

“Let’s just get rid of everything”! “Downsize”! “Less is more”!

Fast forward a few months and we were free of our house and free of our trailer. We spent last Labor Day camping in a tent (sans the dogs) and decided we definitely didn’t want to do that again. Which brings us to our current camping companion, the Pop Up camper. Just wanted to explain a little before you go wait a minute…didn’t you have something different last year? 

Any who! As always we had a wonderful trip. The weather was great, the company was awesome, and the memories made we’ll forever cherish.

I was in charge of the dogs and the pop up and David the party wagon, AKA the trailer full of our toys!              

Moose is a terrible, terrible car rider. She gets extremely anxious, whines, pants and tries to climb into the front seat. For her safety and those in the car with her, we bought a pet barrier to go in my car to keep her contained in the back seat. Remi sat up front with me because he is chill and I didn’t want to subject him to her crawling all over him for the 2.5 hour + drive. Let’s just say we had to make a few pit stops because Moose broke through the barrier. UM.     

Your barrier won't stop me Mom! I'm coming through!
Meanwhile, my co-pilot was in chill mode.
We had a great campsite in a paved spot however there was no shade during the day where the Pop Up was sitting. Poor planning on our part and we learned for next time that we need more shade! It got pretty warm during the day even with the A/C on high.

This little guy got to go on a lot of golf cart rides. David took Moose once and it was disastrous...
Our "home" for the weekend!

Pops and I exploring the bay side!

David got acquainted with his kayak. Fun fun!

Exhausted and happy!

My boys in the bay. Love this photo and the next. 

Miss Moosey was Queen of the Pop Up

Making breakfast. Yum.

First night Sunset crew!

We spent our days on the beach...they were long and lazy. It was wonderful.

Most of the ladies! 

You can't have a camping trip without s'mores! Thanks to the Kimberls for letting us participate in your s'more party!
Kali (Cole's girlfriend) got a new Yeti cooler and it was just begging for some personalization. I made her the anchor monogram and it is perfect! #IWantOne

My parents had a furry friend that kept coming around their campsite. He was not shy at all, just looking for some grub. We gladly obliged!

Beautiful! Gosh I love Florida.

Momma makin' margaritas! 

Love her. The Happy Camper. 

One night each year we always have steak night. Everything is cooked over the fire including baked taters and corn on the cobb. Yum-o! Dad was official in his headlamp!

Puppies everywhere.

Bookie lookin' for treasures. Not much luck but it was fun! 
Cornhole action.

The crew taking up half of the beach.
Delicious concoction at Shoob E's. A new little ice cream shop near the camp ground.

The last night of the vacation always includes our annual fish fry. This year the crowd was around 40 people. We didn’t have any day trippers so all of us were camping in the campground together. So much fun!

Pops and others manning the cooking. 

On our way home we stopped at Burger King to grab some breakfast. We went in and ordered and I came back out with my iced coffee to run the A/C for the dogs and wait on David with the food. I set my drink in my cup holder and stood outside waiting for David. Remi was going to town on my drink the whole time. He apparently thoroughly enjoyed it seeing as he slurped up a good bit of it. All I could do was laugh!        

Can’t wait until next year! We already have our site booked! 

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