Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Five!

1. My timehop today showed that exactly one year ago we were moving into our apartment. Crazy to think about how fast this last year went! Because of that little place we have new friends and great memories. I’m happy to have more space now but I’m definitely missing that short commute to work from the apartment!
2. Yesterday I shared a screenshot that made me giddy. Homegoods liked my bathroom photo and Kirkland’s inquired about sharing my image on their Instagram and/or marketing materials. I of course said yes, yes, yes but didn’t know if it would actually get posted. Then next thing I know they did end up posting it to their Instagram! I was rather excited. See below!

This was my excited face. 

3. I’m grateful that even though we’ve moved farther than a few doors down, our friends have come and hung out with us still! Thankfully the (four!) pups have a place to run around outside now and we’re not all gathered in our tiny little apartment.
4. I ordered a new return address stamp and I am so excited about it! How cute is this one that I found on Etsy? I can’t wait for it to get here so I can send some snail mail!

5. I am super pumped about this weekend because Dad and I are going to build the farmhouse table for the dining nook! I scoured the internet for plans and finally settled on one. There are so many options! Now I am going to be on the hunt for three metal industrial chairs to go with it. World market has some that I love but they are pretty pricey and I don’t want the chairs to cost more than the table. I just love this look! I haven't decided on the stain for the table or the chair color but I know I want the vibe.

We finally sold our high top table at a friend’s garage sale a month or so ago. That was one pretty table that I absolutely begged for when we got married. It served us well but didn’t fit in with my evolving style and we had grown apart unfortunately. She sure did look pretty in our last dining room though!

Happy (almost) weekend!!

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  1. Love this!! I am looking at farmhouse tables to build too although I don't know if I like the grooves in the table top b/c stuff gets in the cracks (we had a table with grooves and it was a pain and gross!!) Pinterest is wonderful!!



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