Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pet Peeves...I'm venting!

I feel like I have a few pet peeves right now, and I have nothing else to do so I'll share them with you all!

*I hate when I go to the gym, and I'm only there about half and hour, and as I'm leaving everyone who works there says, "You didn't work out long", "Or short workout today, huh?" Well I mean at least I went, right? Grr! Just something that really aggrevates me...

*Bad Drivers. I am sure that Tallahassee has the highest population of bad drivers anywhere. I cannot STAND when people lolligag in the left lane... MOVE OVER! Especially on seems like I always am surrounded by unknowledgable drivers. FRUSTRATING!

*The price of gas. I mean c'mon, I know it's going down a little bit, but seriously, it was &1.99 when I started driving...I miss those days.

*The price of a Starbucks drink. I LOVE starbucks Frappucinos but I can no longer afford them. It's either a frappucino, or a gallon of gas, take your pick.

*Being broke! School is keeping me from working more, and I have no money:( I might be looking for a weekend job too come fall...Pooey on that. Beer cart girl at the golf course anyone?

*Working out, eating better, and gaining weight and my clothes not fitting, as in, too small, what's up with that?

*Disney not getting here soon enough. 14 more days!

*Not getting to see my girls every Wednesday:( Glad Erin's coming back though!

*writing a whole entire blog and then my computer messing up before its posted...AHHH!!

Anywho, my life really isn't bad, I mean it's actually great, I should not be complaining, but here I am, doing it anyway:)


  1. I'm with you on all of them!! GRR!
    PS! When I saw you I think you look like you have toned up-being serius!
    My hubby might be able to take care of of those drivers!! ha!
    Lets go to Starbucks and split something! :)

  2. girrrl, Jax has the WORST drivers.i am constantly yelling at someone



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