Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday eve started by finishing up painting the master bath. The painting is now DONE-ZO and and the supplies have been relocated to their new home in the garage, yay! The color is an avocado green and definitely livens up the space a bit. Right now the dilemma is deciding what color towels to buy for it. I love white towels, but we did those in the guest bath. We currently have dark gray ones that matched our old bath d├ęcor at the apartment but we’re looking for something that will match a little better with the green. Any ideas?

Now it’s story-telling time. David left to go stay at his parents Friday night because he was going fishing with his Dad the next morning and they were leaving super early and bottom line, it’s just easier to stay the night over there. So anyway, David just left to head to his parents and I was ready to tackle the bathroom. (Roll it). I was about to change into painting clothes so I didn’t have my phone on me, and I ran outside real quick to get the paint tray and came back to a locked door. Uh-Oh. All the other doors were locked and I had no phone, no keys, no hide-a-key, the garage door number pad hadn’t been programmed yet, and all the while Remi is on the other side of the door barking at me non-stop because he can see me through the window and I’m jiggling the door knob hoping it will magically unlock itself. After freaking out for a few seconds, I saw that our neighbors were home. Luckily I’ve met them before and they’re super nice, so I went over and they let me use the phone to call David. I told him I locked myself out and didn’t remember doing so, so he headed back to let me in. As I’m standing out in the heat watching Remi bark his head off at me through the door, I realized that only the dead bolt was locked and I couldn’t have locked it because you can only lock it with a key and clearly I did not have one. AH-HA!! I didn’t lock myself out after all, Remi locked me out! I remember when I first left to get the paint tray, I heard more noise than necessary when he jumped on the door to watch me out the window. Well that noise was him turning the deadbolt when he was pawing at the door! David got there to let me in and I was excited to tell him I actually did not lock myself out in a clumsy, non-paying-attention manner, it was the dog! We got a giggle out of it and Remi was happy to have us back on the inside with him!

On Saturday I met up with Renee and Brody at Dorothy B. Oven to hang out and take some pictures of her little man. I don’t have internet access right now to get the pictures from Facebook, but if you haven’t seen them that’s where they are. We had a great time and we both got some cute pictures of Brody. He’s getting so big so fast!

After that I went to Michael’s and spent wayyy too long in there. Gosh I love that store. I was on the hunt for some pretty scrapbook paper to frame and use as art in our room. I picked out two pretty ones and bought two frames that we ended up taking back Sunday and getting nicer ones.

Midday Saturday I went to a Spa Party at my Aunt’s house. It was relaxing and nice to get a little pampered. We did an “instant face lift” with a few different steps, and one of them burned/stung and I wasn’t too sure about it. Well I didn’t think much of it but then last night my face started to feel a little funny. David noticed it too and my cheeks were really red and hot to the touch. All day today they’ve been red still and feel really rough and are actually kind of tender if I rub my face:/ I’m not sure what’s going on with it but I hope it goes away because I’m not enjoying the after effects of my mini face lift and my skin isn’t looking or feeling so great. Last time I do that!

Later Saturday eve we were invited to the Dawkins for a BBQ and had a great time! The girls did a photo shoot trying to break in Renee’s new camera and the boys would glance over every now and again and I’m sure were thankful they were not born girls. Haha! They don’t understand our strange breed!

Sunday we went back to Michael’s to buy some more frames and pictures for our un-personalized house. We got some more wedding pictures printed and hung and David got two nice big pictures to add to the office. I love already how just adding some personal pictures around the house and not just pretty framed ones makes it instantly cozier and more welcoming.

Okay well I’m sure all that was boring and I’m tired of typing so that’s all for now!
Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  1. TOTALLY not boring I love reading your blog. I cant wait to see all the art/photos in the house. And see the house all finished as far as paint as well. I'm ready for us to move and be able to decorate all over again...I loved that part about moving into this house! Glad your weekend was awesome and hope your week is as well.

  2. Thats so crazy about Remi.
    Sounds like a great wknd!



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