Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smiling this Saturday!

When I woke up this morning I didn't have any plans, and by the end of the day, I was booked, busy and one happy girl!

First thing this morning was to take Remi in to get his stitches removed. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but he got neutered two weeks ago. Poor fella. But it was time, beyond time actually and I am so happy that it's done and we did our part to keep from more little Remi's being made! Although I wouldn't mind having several more of him :) Most of the He was such a good boy and afterwards we went to CFA for some delicious breakfast. Yum, it'd been a while since we'd had breakfast there so we were past due. We ate in the parking lot of Petsmart because that was our next stop. After picking up some food for Rem, we were done but weren't ready to head home. So we took the pooch to the dog park. He obviously hadn't been able to go for a few weeks so he (and us) were missing the park! We got him good and wore out and he had a blast.

We headed home and David mentioned something about if I wanted to go look at a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Say wha? You see, a year ago I got a GMC Acadia. The car was great and I was a very lucky girl to have it. But let's backtrack a little bit. When we were car searching, David told me I could get anything I wanted (within reason obviously), besides a Jeep. And what did I have my heart set on? A Jeep :( My first car was a Jeep, (my brother has it now), my Mom is on her third Jeep, and you see we're just a Jeep family. There is a soft place in my heart for them. He had heard a lot of bad things about them though from co-workers, online reviews, etc...and it had scared him away immensely. So, we went with the Acadia because he had owned lots of GM vehicles and it really was a great nice, future family car.


Ever heard the saying, "Happy Wife, Happy Life"? Well, this was sort of the case. Please don't get me wrong, I was in no way unhappy with the Acadia, and believe me I KNOW I should have been super duper happy/pleased with it because I was spoiled, bottom line. BUT, everytime I would see a Jeep I would sigh, say, "one day...", and wish I could have one. For the past couple months David started to realize how much I really wanted one and was willing to look into getting one to just make me happy. We would look at one every now and then, but it just never worked out and I always ended up disappointed. And again, I know I shouldn't have been because I had a beautiful, great vehicle. But I just couldn't help it! I didn't want to seem ungrateful by any means, it's just that I had that want in me...the way I put it is I loved the Acadia, but I'm in love with the Jeep.

ANYWHO, I'd let the idea die for good though after the last time it didn't work out and was set on keeping and being happy with my car, so I was very shocked this morning when out of the blue David said he'd been looking and found one online at a dealership here. At first I protested because 1) I thought he was kidding and 2) I didn't want to go through all the buildup only to be let down (again) at the chance of getting one. It didn't take much convincing though and we were off to check it out.

I saw the car and fell in love.

We test drove it right away, looked it over and decided to just see what we could work out. Well, 4 hours later and 2 times too close to walking away, the car was ours :) Oh Happy Day! I know a lot of people might think, "you traded a brand new Acadia for a Jeep"? But you know, it's just what I want, what I wanted from the beginning, and I am SO happy!! It's a 2010 and the color is technically silver, but to me it looks more tannish silver in certain lighting. Weird, but I guess technically it's silver. I've already made it mine by cutting a new decal this evening and plastering it on the back window :) No car of mine will ever remain nakey :) She’s still missing her front license plate. Hope to get that on tomorrow. Here she is fresh in the driveway - still thinking of a name. My first Jeep was the "Beep Beep Jeep" lol!

photo (29)

Okay, so after we finally left the dealership, I had to book it to meet my friend Erin & her hubby Ian for her maternity shoot. She asked if I would take some pictures and I happily agreed. Although I hadn't done any maternity shoots before, I was excited to give it a go! I showed up to an audience. Oh my! I am not a professional by ANY means, so I was nervous enough to just shoot her, and her hubby because honestly I just never know if the pictures will turn out "good". Well I got there and some other friends of ours were there (The Goram's) as well so I was double nervous. I mean I don't know how to direct people, I don't know what light works and what doesn't so I have to do lots of practice shots, and I'm just plain nervous because like I said, NO PROFESSIONAL here!

Thankfully, everything went smoothly, Erin is beautiful so she made my job easy, and we had fun getting some awesome shots! I'm very pleased with how they turned out :) Hope you guys had fun - I sure did! PS- Thanks Katie for being my makeshift "assistant"! Oh and letting me stand on your back to get some fun shots ;)

Here are some of my favorites from the day! Erin your GAWGEOUS dahling! Can't wait to meet Jack in just 5 short weeks!


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