Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Belated Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a great weekend!

Friday night was Bunko at my Mom’s house. We ate lots of yummy food and had a great time! I didn’t win any money but you can’t beat good food and great company so I technically came out on top :)

Saturday we met David’s friend from work, Tanner, his wife Sarah and their super adorable baby Fisher for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I have not been there in ages and my French toast and hash browns were delish! We had a loud breakfast and lots of laughs! The next thing on the to-do list was they were going to come to our house so Tanner could help David move the bunny hutch from our house to my parents. After breakfast we picked up the trailer, Remi and my brother and met them at the house. The girls hung out inside while the boys worked on getting the hutch out of the ground, through the yard, and onto the trailer. Did I mention this thing is huge? You may remember it from a post from a while back, but it is heavy and huge. The fence even had to come down for it to get out of the yard. Anywho, they got it loaded up and while we were all hanging out figuring out what to do next, the idea was brought up that we should go fishing! Mind you it’s now noon on Saturday, and David and I are supposed to be packing all afternoon. So much for getting stuff done! After kicking around the idea we finally decided why not?! We still had some running around to do before we could leave but eventually we made it to Sarah’s parents house where we picked up the boat. Fisher got to hang out with his grandparents and we were off!

We were finally in the water by about 3:15 and the weather was just beautiful! We fished for a little while and caught a few trout, but they were all too short.

The girls fished on and off, chatted and took pictures while the boys failed to bring home dinner ;) haha. I was too chicken to bring my big camera but here’s some pics from the day with my pocket cam.

1277_2-3-217 1277_2-3-218

{David, Sarah & Tanner}

1277_2-3-220 1277_2-3-219



After we were done fishing we tried (unsuccessfully) to get the boys to take us to Angelo’s. Somehow we ended up at Barnaby’s lol. The food was yummy and we once again shared a lot of laughs!

We SO enjoyed the day with y’all and can’t wait to do it again!! Thanks for everything!

Sunday was work day. As in PACKING. Bleh. Since we blew it off the day before it was definitely on the agenda for the day. The garage is packed and the junk gone through, the attic is packed, and I am meticulously packing my frames and breakables.

We also had a fish fry Sunday at my parent’s neighbor’s house. There was a big group of us and we had more yummy food and good company!1277_2-3-223 1277_2-3-225

{Me and my Pops} {Fred}


{Some of the group glued to the Masters on TV}

1277_2-3-224 1277_2-3-226


1277_2-3-228 1277_2-3-229

{Me and my Momma} {Bookie!}


Lazy Sunday afternoon and full bellies.

Oh and I have a question. How is it that a dog enjoys finding the nastiest, most foul-smelling thing in the surrounding area and proceed to eat it up? Hmm?! Remi was just fine playing football with the boys. Until he wasn’t. You know, because he’s still a baby and his attention span is short. So he was off looking for trouble. And he found it in a 5 inch long turkey elbow. (Our neighbor is a turkey hunter and apparently had some scraps laying around) I have no idea how old it was, but it was gross, and still had the little goosebump skin on it. Yuck! Let me demonstrate with pictures what it’s like to try and get our dog to hand over such a delicacy. Not easy!

PS I seriously need help with my action shots:/ I constantly was bumping the shutter up/down/all around as well as playing with all the other settings and just could not get a good combo for crisp action shots. Help!

1277_2-3-230 1277_2-3-231

{“Can’t catch me!”}

1277_2-3-232 1277_2-3-233

{“Still can’t catch me!”} {“Uh-oh, I’m caught!”}

I eventually pried it from his mouth but I think my hands still reek of it. Yum.

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  1. We had SO much fun! Tanner is already planning our next outing! Oh and I LOVE the pictures of Remi!! Hilarious!



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