Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Packing & Mossy Letters

Last weekend we did some heavy duty packing/moving. I have decided that I don’t mind packing except when it comes to the kitchen. It’s a never ending process of bubble wrapping and heavy, heavy boxes. I’m about half way done but it literally is taking me forever. Early Saturday morning there were torrential downpours and really bad weather that continued into the morning. Not good when we planned to move everything on an open trailer. It eventually passed over and turned out to be a gorgeous day thank goodness. Tanner helped us again and we were able to get all the big stuff moved over to the storage unit. It’s amazing how taking a moment to think about how something should be loaded or packed can save so much space. I totally pride myself on making a bunch of stuff fit in a small space just by twisting, turning and stacking in ways you’d never think to organize. It honestly stems from fitting a table full of presents into one bag (learned from all those years working at Chuck E. Cheese!)

We took a break from packing on Saturday night to head out to Sarah & Tanner’s house to watch the latest Harry Potter movie and eat wings. Sarah found a fun tutorial for mossy letters that can hang on a wall, a front door, etc…I went to Joann’s earlier in the day and picked up some supplies so we could make letters while the boys watched the movie. The tutorial can be found at Antsi-Pants.

Here’s the supply list:

Wooden letter

16inx18in sheet of moss (1 sheet was just enough for the letters “C” & “J”)

Hot glue gun

Ribbon/twine/material to hang with

2 eye hooks per letter



Since Antsi-Pants gives the play-by-play I’ll just share pictures of us making ours without the instructions.


{The boys were not happy we were whispering and making paper crinkling noises during their movie haha!}

1277_2-3-240 1277_2-3-241

{Glue the letter face down, then trip about a half inch around the letter}


{Cut in on the curved parts so you can pull back and glue the moss on the back of the letter}

1277_2-3-243 1277_2-3-244

{Flip over and admire} {Add the eye hooks}

1277_2-3-245 1277_2-3-246

{The eye hooks can be put in by hand but it was much easier with the plyers}

1277_2-3-247 1277_2-3-248

I just love the end result! So easy and springy!

Thanks again for having us y'all!

Oh and here’s Remi doing what he does…can’t keep him out of the water! 1277_2-3-236

{He found a dead bird and was dining on the feathers…bleck!}


{Off he goes…}

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  1. LOVE it! WE had so much fun! I still need to fix my twine and then hang it up!



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