Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black is slimming, right?

Today at lunch I went to Tar-jay to do a little “browsing”. I’m not good at browsing. I see, I want. Do I always get? Rarely. But today I had a little spending money so I was on the prowl for something. Hmm…how about a new bathinsuit! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll remember my new bathingsuit I got last year that I was super excited about, took the whole 3 months of summer to get here. Now of course it’s a new year and although that one didn’t get much wear, it’s faded quickly and I’m ready for something new. I can’t help it, I’m a girl.

Anywho, I really used to love getting a new bathing suit every spring. I looked forward to it all winter. But now, not so much. I just don’t look the same as I used to in them and everytime I try them on I say to myself, “Ooh, that’s gotta go” or “when did that start showing?” or “Oh dear, no bueno” or “is that really what the rear view looks like?”.


I have been trying to be really good lately on my “diet”. I am usually able to stick to it all day but then come dinner I eat way too much and regulating it on the weekends? Fuhgettaboutit.

Funny Sidenote: David buys a lot of “junk food” i.e. twinkies, little debbies, just pure fatso food that tortures me because heavens knows I don’t need to eat it but I don’t always win that battle. Anyways the other night he woke up and was hungry for a midnight snack. Literally I saw him up and raiding the food at like 3:00. He grabbed some boston crème pie thing and that’s the last I saw before I dozed back to sleep. When we woke up in the morning, he was sad because he found his midnight snack still in it’s wrapper, unopened, and flat as a pancake. Poor heffer fell asleep before he even ate it! Haha!! I meant to take a picture but I forgot, but it was HI-larious :)

Okay, back to the point of the story, I’m still nowhere close to my ideal body size which makes bathing suit shopping all the more unenjoyable. Which is why, I’ve chosen a black one.

Black is slimming, right?!

Hopefully by the time the beach trip rolls around I will be in a little better shape (wishful thinking – is there a potion for it yet?) but regardless, beached whale size or not, I’ll be in a bathingsuit reading my book, and soaking up the sun.

Oh and I am super excited because I got a “push-up” top so I’ll have some oomph upstairs! Probably TMI for the blog but at least my top will now balance out a little more with the va-va voom bottom I’ve got going on. Oh and in true 6 year old girl/senior citizen fashion, the unmatching/I-paired-them-with-the-top-anyway bottom has *ruffles*. Loves it!


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  1. ok, that is SO FUNNY about David. And can we say total fat kid?! To be so skinny that was a fat kid move! haha :)



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