Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I’m Back

Warning, long post ahead.

Did you miss me? Maybe if I told you my lack of blogging was due to a work trip that involved me having to stand on a stage and give a presentation to 400 people, would I earn sympathy points?!

But before I get into all that, let’s rewind a bit. Last last weekend I went to my first ever Hebrew baby naming ceremony. My friends Erin and Ian had their sweet baby boy Jackson “Jack” in April and the ceremony was a celebration of his birth and the giving of his Hebrew name. It was a good time with friends and lots of babies. Oh and yummy food too :)



Cutest cupcakes!


Jack & proud Momma Erin. He is sporting his yamaka that his Grandma made.

I managed to not get a picture of any of the girls together. Boo.

Since the ceremony was at Goodwood Museum and Gardens, the Dawkins and I had planned to take some family pics afterwards and take advantage of the beautiful grounds.

1277_2-3-303    1277_2-3-289

Love this fam!


1277_2-3-283  1277_2-3-301

I love me some Dawkins fam!

I spent Sunday evening packing and fretting over the impending doom of the week ahead of me.

I was at work early Monday morning getting some last minute things done before the Assistant Bureau Chief and I left for the 7 hour drive to Coral Springs, FL for the Aquatic Weed Short Course. My boss goes every year and does “the talk” but since she is retiring in June and I will be giving the talk from now on, she wanted me to go in her place this year.


The hotel was wonderful and Coral Springs was really nice.

photo (45)

This picture was from the hotel, but not from my room unfortunately.

But unlike my last trip This one was definitely work, not play. Thankfully my presentation was at the beginning of the week, so that’s all I could think about until I got it over. It was on the Pesticide Laws and Licensing in the State of Florida. Have I ever professed my absolutely despise of public speaking? No? Well I do. Despise it. Would rather have 12 root canals than do it. Tossed the idea (jokingly) around in my head of finding another job the weekend before just so I wouldn’t have to do it. I hate it. SO glad it’s over. The rest of the week was spent sitting at our booth and answering question after question from the 400+ applicators attending the conference as well as sitting in and monitoring other programs.

One night we drove over to Deerfield Beach and had dinner at JB’s on the Beach. It was GORGEOUS out there! We unfortunately did not get to sit outside, but had to settle for a window seat. Kelly and I took a walk on the beach afterward, so nice! Too bad our hotel wasn’t on the beach, I could have gotten used to this scenery! (I didn’t even bring my camera south with me, but I think the iphone pics give you the idea!)

photo (44)

photo (39)

photo (40)

photo (41) 

We also ate twice at this awesome place by our hotel called Salad Creations. It’s Moe’s style “create your own” but it’s a huge salad bar. You walk down and tell them what you want. Totally up my ally and SO good. Wish we had one here! Here’s my weird combo.

photo (34)

Thursday was the big testing day for all of the applicators who needed to take exams either to renew their license or get a new license. The exams started at 1:00 and we didn’t get out of there until about 5. Which meant we got to the office in Tallahassee about 12:30 and I got home at 1:00 am. Thankfully we were told we did not need to come in the next day, so we happily agreed and I thoroughly enjoyed my three day weekend!

Friday night we had dinner with the Collins fam and Saturday I went to see Something Borrowed (the movie based on Emily Giffin’s book) with Sarah and some of her family. It was pretty good. The man candy who plays Dex is H.O.T.T ;) I would go see it again just to watch him! I SO hope they make the sequel, Something Blue. I will be so bummed if they don’t. Oh and while the girls were out and about Saturday, David and Tanner had Fisher all to themselves. Haha! Poor Fisher, I hate to think of the things those men were teaching him! Thanks again for inviting me Sarah!

Oh and how’s this for Florida Sportsman? My Dad caught this 33” Cobia off of Live Oak Island in his kayak this past weekend. Fishy was smoked dip the next day…SO GOOD!


Sunday was Mother’s day and we had a cookout with the fam. Dad cooked a Beef Brisket and a Boston Butt that went on the smoker at 5:30 am. Yum-O! There was a house full of people – what I love most!

photo (38)


Momi & PawPaw – my great grandparents:)

Again, I didn’t get many pictures. I guess I was slacking!

And this is where this post turns to random-ness. I was going through my phone and found pics and videos to share. So here it is, bullet style.

- I got a new bike. I’ve been wanting one that was a “beach cruiser” for the campgrounds. I always use my Mom’s even though I have a semi-new mountain bike. I wanted it but David didn’t really think I needed it. Then he came home and surprised me with it :) I got a basket to put on it, I love it. It’s where I’ll likely hold healthy snacks like cream soda, chips and twinkies bananas, bottled water and baby carrots. Thanks babe!

photo (37)

-I stole this video from Facebook. (Thanks Courtney!) I think it’s hilariously clever. :)

Turn up your volume!

-I got my first ever real suitcase. It’s from Target. It rocks.

51PMGx vz0L._AA260_

-Remi meet remote control car. Car, meet Remi. Not best friends at first.

Remi vs. Race Car

-Remi at the dog park. Laying in the gross mud/dog rinse area. He gets so wore out he drags me over to that spot and plops down to cool off.

photo (35)


-These flowers are floating in my parent’s neighbors’ in-ground pool turned pond. Yes it was intentional. He may or may not be a redneck. The flowers are pretty though.

photo (36)


  1. I was wondering if you were EVER going to post another blog :) And if you're serious about going to see Something Borrowed again just to stare at Dex, I'm in! I'm dying to see it!!

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