Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night was Bunko! I didn’t win anything but as always it was good company and lots

of yummy food!

Saturday I was busy sanding and priming (and sanding and priming again) my roadkill rescue bookshelf that I picked up a while back. Nicole and I had plans to work on some pieces Sunday so I was doing my homework prior and getting it all prepped.






{sanding s’more}

1277_2-3-324  1277_2-3-326

{Before priming}                                         {After Priming}

I also ran some errands with my Mom & Dad for some last minute things needed for camping this weekend!

Saturday night I made plans to go visit the Dawkins fam. I not-so-subtly invited myself to stay the night since it’s such a long way to their house. I love going out there but hate the long drive home when I’m tired and there’s deer everywhere. At least I think there are! Anywho, we had a good time and I got lots of good baby loving in :) We walked around Renee’s momma’s yard for a good while taking pictures of all of life’s wonders. We also had an imprompty dandelion-blowing photoshoot. Haha! Here’s our version of trying to re-create this picture…

Photo via My Charming Kids

And now, here’s us trying to replicate…


Renee’s actually looks pretty good!


I struggled…my little petal thingies wouldn’t fly off so I blew REALLY hard and thar she blows! See ‘em?!



It’s apparent that I’ll never learn how to properly set my camera for dusk action shots without a flash, so these will have to do.

I did get some pretty cool ones though of the garden and other stuff.



I love this one with the sun setting.


1277_2-3-330  1277_2-3-333



Miss Savannah :)

1277_2-3-334  1277_2-3-335

{Country life, bricks and barbed wire}


Love this girl!

1277_2-3-337  1277_2-3-339


1277_2-3-340   1277_2-3-348

{The one on the right makes me happy too}




Baby girl!


Lookout if she is playing! She will take you out with that arm!


We ate a delicious dinner and played Wii all night. JUST realized though I didn’t get a single pic of Brody! Shucks!

So fun! Thanks for having me y’all!

I was home from Renee’s by 8:00 on Sunday because I had to get ready to be at Nicole’s by 9.

We spent the first half of the day painting some furniture. Nicole (& her pooch Hudson) were working on a tall shelving system and I was working on my RR*. Hers came out great and was in a fun shade of turquoise. Mine on the other hand, well it still needs work. I primed it twice and painted it once, all with white paint, and there are still imperfections showing through. Majorly.

*Roadkill Rescue

Nicole’s helper and sweet pup Hudson. I am mildly obsessed with taking pictures of cute doggies. And maybe I’m biased, but labs are the best :)





Nicole’s Before.


After! It’s now an awesome shoe rack. The girl has some shoes ;)

I didn’t get a pic of mine since it’s not finished. Guess I will just have to keep painting, like a coat a day to get it covered. But the back, which is green, covered nicely! I’ll be sure to post the finished product when it’s completed. (it’s gonna be a while…)

T minus 2 days til we head out on our Annual Memorial Day camping trip! It’s the maiden voyage for our camper so let’s hope all goes well. Ahhh glorious beach and sunny skies, I’m SO looking forward to spending lots of time with you this weekend!


  1. I just love "roadkill rescues". I haven't found a good one in a while! I'm sure yours will turn out great. I saw Nicole's on her blog and it looked awesome!

  2. @Amy
    Awe well thank you Amy! I'm excited to see the finished product. I've been slacking since that first coat didn't cover. I've just got to finish it up!



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