Friday, May 13, 2011

“It’s not a muzzle, it’s an anti-pull collar.”

I felt like I needed to tell this to everyone who stared at the contraption on Remi’s head when we went walking at Lake Ella the other night. I’m referring to the purchase of a life-changing-leash-collar thingamabob.

Remi is a puller. A strong puller. I can hold him back, but I really have to put my back into it if you know what I mean. I had been hearing great things about The Gentle Leader and had been telling David that we really needed to give it a try. Seeing as I’m the one who mostly walks Remi because I’m a worry wart and don’t let him run free like David does he doesn’t really have to fool with it so he didn’t see the need. I finally talked him into it on our most recent trip to Petsmart, and I’m in love. It has completely transformed us going for a walk.

The way it works is it’s a head piece that you put on the dog and then attach your leash to it. It’s a thin strap over the top of his nose and another strap that’s around his jaw that hooks in the back, sort of at his crown. What happens is when he pulls, it turns his head. Well then a)he can’t see straight ahead b)it makes him do a u-turn which does not take him in the direction he wants to go. The result, he doesn’t pull. It takes very little effort on my part because he does the work to pull himself and therefore fix himself. I can pretty much hold him with my pinky! Sound confusing? Perhaps a visual will help:

photo (47)

I can see how it kinda could be mistaken for a muzzle, except that he has full use of his mouth. Unlike a muzzle which keeps the mouth contained. I heard one by passer tell her daughter, “she got dat thing on ‘em so he aint bite you”. Yes, yes that’s correct seeing as his tongue is flailing all over and his shiny teeth could snap at you if he wanted. Clearly unable to bite.

Oh, people.

Anywho, we thoroughly enjoyed our walk/run around Lake Ella. He didn’t mind the collar at all. I say it was a success. I have to say something about my dog. I know this is gross, but my blog, my content. I love him to pieces, but boy he poops more than any dog I’ve ever met! And it is always multiplied when we go somewhere. In-laws house, dog park…Literally, he took three dumps last night. Three!! All he eats is dog food. Okay and lots of peanut butter. But he’s gotta have some joy in life! He gets excited and he poops. That’s life. One time we were at the dog park and he was on his second or third bathroom break and my friend Nicole said, “is he pooping again?!” It was actually quite a long time ago but I think about it every time we’re at the park…Hahaha.

He tried to greet some ducks but they didn’t love his big black self. Oh and he kept finding abandoned bread chunks. That probably attributed to the poops. And poor fella, he wanted to go in the water SO bad but his mean Mommy wouldn’t let him. He was so pitiful trying to scootch to the edge.

photo (46)

photo (48)


Ahh, this is the life!

PS- Last night I went to Nicole’s Premier Jewelry Mystery Hostess party. She is the “jewelry lady” but tonight she played hostess at her house, and raffled off all the hostess benefits to attendees. I was fortunate to win TWICE! I passed on one of my winning tickets to Lindsay and we both got to buy something 50% off. Score! Thanks for having us Nicole!

PPS- I attempted the front side twist, thanks to YouTube tutorials! I don’t think it turned out half bad. I’m sure I will be sporting this look regularly now :)



  1. Love the hair! Would love to be able to do something fun like that with my hair but its waaaay to thin!!! And Rem looks like he was having a great time and it didn't bother him one bit!

  2. I totally rememeber saying that at the dog park! He is full of...poop!! haha, Crazy dog! Love all the photos of him with his gentle leader. I have heard many success stories from those little things!

    Love the hair too, my friend!



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