Saturday, June 18, 2011

It’s Been 10 Years…

…since I finished middle school!

Last week my friend Nicole organized a Griffin Middle School girls get together. She sent out some invites via Facebook and before we knew it those who could make it were laughing, catching up, and sipping margaritas (or beer or coke or water in my case!).

We figured out that we started high school in 2001, meaning it’s been TEN YEARS since middle school.


Anywho, we went to El Jalisco’s for dinner and had such a good time! We were at our table for about 3 hours, and then some friends departed while others (myself included) stayed behind in the parking lot for another hour or so continuing to chat. I regularly talk to/keep up with a few of the girls, but the others I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time. The plan is to keep this up and try to do it once a month. It is so neat to see these girls, well I guess we are women now, most of which I’ve known even since elementary school that are now married, not-married, have kids, don’t have kids, new jobs, old jobs…so much life going on. I loved catching up with everyone and can’t wait to keep up this new tradition! Thanks Nicole for taking charge!!


{Joelle and I. I’ve known this her since elementary school. Been way too long but so good to see her!}


This looks like the trouble-making side of the table;)

{Ashley, Nicole & Brittney}


{Jessica & Stephanie (& Steph’s mini-me Kendall in the background!)}


{Heather, Hailey & her hubby Neal}

PS- Thank you girls again for all your love and support about the conversations we had Thursday, it was SO very appreciated!

PPS- There was some tattoo talk going on. At one point I playfully suggested we go after dinner to get inked! I am really having tattoo fever again here lately. I guess the idea of “one chapter ending” has really made me want to get one. It’s the closest I’ve been so far to really thinking about going through with it. To mark the time in my life where I became “a little bit stronger” as cheesy as that sounds.

Lots of goodies to post coming up :)


  1. I can't wait to hear all about your "goodies" that will be coming up!! Sounds like you had some awesome, much needed girl time :) Tattoo...?!?!?! have you thought of you might want? Will Arney at Roaring Tattoo is awesome Courtney Feehrer recommended him to me and he did an awesome job!!

  2. Girl, anytime you wanna go get your tattoo, I'm down. Just tell me when and where. I had so much fun catching up with everyone, and I can not wait to do it again!!

  3. Tattoo night sounds like a blast although I am way too scared to follow through! Please include me in this event :)

  4. Looks like fun!!! I see some familiar faces in there from SPRINGWOOD days! Glad you had a great time!

  5. please please please get one! I will (sneak out while Tanner is not paying attention) and go get another one with you : )

  6. Hey Tamara - I saved your blog a while ago because I really enjoy reading about your home decor projects. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed these pictures - even though I only went to Griffin for 6th grade, I remember everyone of these ladies. Thanks for posting! Take care :)

  7. @Mary M.

    Hey girl! Awe I'm so glad you liked the pictures! I hope you are doing well, it's been way too long! Maybe you can join us next time?! You take care too :)



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