Friday, June 10, 2011

Retail therapy is the best kind…

Which is why I finally made it to our brand spankin’ new Hobby Lobby!

I actually made the trip on Sunday and was super excited and needed a pick me up, just to find that they are closed on Sundays :( Talk about disappointment! I’d had enough of it that day!

So I went Monday after work and it was love at first buggy push. Which I grabbed, fully intending to fill up. At least fill up and then put back and decide on a few things.

The store is huge. I could live there. They have so many good things from craft stuff to home décor and the best part is literally almost everything in the store has a price on it, and there’s always some sort of sign hanging on the front that has a clearance price. Suh-weet!

I went armed with a 40% off coupon but since you can only use it on regularly priced items and I could only find those in the checkout aisle, I bought some $3 super glue with it because I’m thrifty like that;) (all pics with my phone btw-the flash on it did funny things to the carpet)

I came home with this amazeballs woven basket.

photo (64)

Regular price $23.99, but then an additional 50% off. I’m thinking to hold toilet paper in a bathroom? Or towels? Or rolled up magazines? Or chicken and rice? Nah that last one probably wouldn’t work due to some leakage issues.

And because I can’t get enough of signs, (even though it seems on HGTV they hate homes with too many signs) this medal one that says “Kitchen” had me at hello. And at $9.99 and then an additional 50% off, it was coming home with me!

photo (62)

The last thing I got was this super cute little vase.

photo (63)

At $11.99 and then an additional 50% I knew I had to have it. I very much wanted to take home it’s shorter squattier twin, I restrained myself and left it for the next person.

Oh and totally un-shopping related, this is my dog. Being funny and making me laugh like he always does.

photo (61)

photo (60)


I was with my parents visiting their neighbor and he has these bushes around his pool. Remi started walking in them (they aren’t exactly pristine and have weeds in them so he wasn’t really messing anything up or I wouldn’t have let him!) and then he laid down and dragged his belly through the bushes and got some momentum going downhill and they were all flat where he dragged over! It was too funny! I guess you sort of had to be there, but he was cracking me up. Then he laid down in them and all you could see was the top of his head poking out :) I love that dog!

Heading to Wild Adventures tomorrow for a day of fun with Lindsay and going to the Lady Antebellum concert tomorrow night. Can’t wait!

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