Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Letter to my Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, and since I know he reads my blog, here’s a little letter to my Dad, Pops, Fajah, or whatever else comes out of my mouth at the time. “The only man a girl can trust is her Daddy”…and I’ve learned this all too well lately.



Whew, where do I start. How can I even begin to put into words what you mean to me? I am your baby girl. Of course I love Mom just as much, but with us, it’s different. We understand each other. You know, because great minds think alike ;) You know how to make me smile when I’m sad and know what to say when I’m mad. You have never ever let me down and have been the absolute best supporter my entire life. You’ve sacrificed and given over and over again for me and Cole and Mom and everyone else for that matter. Always putting yourself last. Time and time again. Not only are you the most self-less person I’ve ever known, and although you are big and strong inside and out, you are also a big teddy bear that melts when you hold a baby and you still pick me up with a huge hug every time I see you. Just like you always did when I was little. My whole life for that matter. You will make me my favorite food when I’m sad and take me to lunch even though you are clear across town. It breaks your heart to tell me no and I have fully mastered the pouty face Smile I know no amount of words will ever convey the magnitude of thankfulness that I am so grateful to have you as my Dad, my mentor (we all know you love your Mr. Brady speeches Winking smile) and my rock. I am the person I am because of you (& yes of course Mom too) and I just want to say thank you for everything. I love you SO SO SO much.  


Your Baby Girl

Happy Father’s Day!!



  1. Awe! so sweet!!! Hope you have a great Father's Day with your daddy!!

  2. Love this Tamara : ) And yes, your daddy will ALWAYS be the only man you can fully trust.

  3. Love this Tammy!! Mr. Kenny is pretty awesome! :)



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