Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What’s On My Phone

AKA a lazy blog post. Although technically it did take effort to make the collages and put the little numbers in there. I’ve got lots to catch up on but I have been working, spending my evenings editing pictures, spending my weekends taking pictures, crafting, spending my evenings crafting for other people, just plain BUSY.

But, before I share some phone pictures (super exciting I know) I have to share a story. It’s super funny now but last night when it happened, not so much. I got in the shower and pull the pull to make the water come out. Just as I was moving into the stream of water, I slipped. From there it was like a slow motion ninja movie. My arms were flailing, my feet were flying, and the next thing I knew, I was sailing through the curtain backwards, taking the curtain, liner, and shower rod all down with me. On my way down I whacked my ankle on the water spout. But my back got the worst of it. Think of the letter “T”. The bottom vertical part was the side of the tub, and the top horizontal part was my back. Yeah, that’s how I landed. Ouch. I sat laid there buck naked with a pile of curtain on me for a minute or so trying to register what just happened. I was at that place between crying and laughing. I am so thankful that I didn’t break an arm or hit my head on the vanity. Could have been bad. Real bad. Probably the funniest thing though I remember when I was falling violently making my way out of the shower was Remi. Every time I’m in the shower, he lays in the doorway. I would like it closed to keep a little warmth in there, but then the little guy would be all shut out so I keep it open. Anywho, as I’m going down, all I see is his rear end hot tailing it out of there! Absolutely hilarious. One minute he’s chilling keeping watch while I’m showering, the next he is attacked by the curtain/rod/and me wrapped in it. Haha. My back is not feeling so great today. But again, just thankful I didn’t seriously hurt myself!

Anywho, here’s what I found on my phone, all taken over the last few weeks.


1) Voodoo Dog. This was a super cute, although sketchy hot dog shop that myself and some friends ate at while walking to the Sugarland concert.

2) Sugarland concert! Sarah’s Mom hooked us up with Box Seats. Suh-weet.

3) Remi the Pumpkin on Halloween

4) A leaf in my back yard. Thought it was cool with the sun shining through.


5) A half pound Reece’s cup. It was my birthday, Mom obliged and bought it for me after we had lunch.

6) Jade. Sweet girl. Our family dog. She’s an outside dog but occasionally she’s allowed in, and she knows it’s a privilege. (Remi does not even know what it means to live outside!) She will NOT MOVE from her bed all. night. long. Such a good girl.

7) Me and Momma at Mule Day. I didn’t buy anything this year but food. Smile

8) S’mores and bon fire at the Collins residence.


9) A box full of old 35 mm cameras that I was given. Already have a few old film cameras around the house for decoration. These are all the same. Trying to figure out what to do with them. The only thing I can think to do it to spray paint them all solid colors! Any ideas?

10) Mules @ Mule Day

11) Picture I took with my phone walking to my car from work the other day. Fun Fact: I think this picture has the most “likes” I’ve ever gotten on something I posted on Facebook. Last time I looked it was 33. I really like it too Smile

12) Sarah and I after cleaning out Ikea. The car was LOADED down. The looks on our faces is of accomplishment. HA!

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