Thursday, August 30, 2012

House Dreaming

Since we’re sitting around waiting for something to fall in our lap, I figured I’d put together stuff that gets me excited. Whether it’s a brand new house, or a house we make into a home, I have been daydreaming about all sorts of things I can’t wait to have in my next house. I’ll give you some eye candy of what I’d love to have. Not sayin’ it’s gonna happen but this is dreamland so anything goes!

A glorious supply of natural light.

Preferably streaming into the kitchen where I can setup shop on the counter. You know for pictures of the gorgeous dishes I don’t prepare? Or maybe just my latest craft project. Just somewhere that I can take pretty pictures inside because my current house has almost nonexistent natural light. I either have to be by the dog nose smudged sliding glass door, or the dog nose smudged window behind the couch. Other than that, it’s the awesome 1980’s kitchen yellow cast lighting that basks my every subject.




Big gorgeous granite countertops.

My favorite look is white/gray marbled countertops. But David doesn’t like them, and I’m glad because I can’t wait to have something that doesn’t stain. And I’d be getting those if he liked them. This forces me to get something darker, which my inner OCD cleaning lady (haha she’s hiding in there somewhere) will thank me for. The last three houses I’ve lived in have all had off-white laminate or corian counter tops. Dreamy right? Not. I am constantly scrubbing marker, red Gatorade rings, and stains off of this color. It’s like letting your kitchen wear a white shirt and eating hot wings. Ain’t gonna stay clean!


A Garage

Lord have mercy. I cannot wait to have a garage again! I know a lot of people live without them just fine, but I’m not one of them that want to. Remember that air compressor and paint sprayer I got for Christmas? I still have not used it. As much as I can’t wait to break it out, do you know what a pain it is to have to bring that thing inside and clean it up enough to shove it back into a guest room closet where it’s sandwiched up against rugs and pillows I’ve been hoarding for my next place over the past year? Ain’t happenin’. It’s simply an outside/garage machine. Not to mention all my other tools that hardly get used because I just can’t get to them in the closet.

Oh, and I don’t even have to mention it being a perfect spray painting chamber. Ahhhhhhh.

I fully expect it to be looking like this as well!

Room for my junk treasures.

I have a lot of junk treasures. A lot a lot. Not like hoarders, (yet anyway) but like a person who likes to make a lot of junk crafty things and buy a lot of useless crap. That’s me! Right now if I don’t have room for more junk a new treasure it ends up being shoved in the closet. When we finally move, going through all that stuff is going to be like Christmas!! I can’t wait.

Oh and walls. Lots and lots of blank walls! My Dad says I need to live in a giant warehouse. With huge walls and lots of wall dividers so I have room to hang all my useless junk beautiful treasures. He understands my treasure loving tendencies, I am my Big Momma’s granddaughter!

An outgoing Mailbox!!!

Okay, I’m possibly a little too enthusiastic about this one. In my current place I have a mailbox, but it’s incoming only. And the incoming stuff pretty much can’t be bigger than a can of soda. Because it’s like a PO Box. So I have most everything mailed to my parents’ house. Anytime I want to mail something I have to drop it off at a USPS location or drop box. Sucky! The thought of having a mailbox that I can actually mail stuff out of…dreamy!



A bigger laundry room.

Okay, so this one is getting a little greedy. Because thankfully, I have a laundry room in my little place now. But it is so awkward. It’s actually pretty large in the wall/storage area, but the washer/dryer themselves are hard to get to. It’s one of those things where you have to maneuver the door just right to open the other door and don’t pinch your fingers in between in the process. Forget about cleaning anything in there. And to feed the dogs you have to move the trash can to the top of the washer to get to their food bin and yada yada yada. Complaining, I know. I should just be happy I have one, but remember people, we’re dreaming here!

Support Crew


Sunny laundry room & Mudroom, oh my


A guest bedroom & bathroom.

Granted I don’t have a lot of guests, but it’d be nice that every time I went out of town and had my brother stay over, he could stay in the guest bed! Let’s be honest, the main reason this bothers me is the fact that I have to wash my sheets before and after. I hate washing all that bedding. And the worst? Putting a duvet back on. Ugh. So if I had a guest bed, it’d just be easier because I’d have more time in between and could always have it ready for guests. Instead of trying to do it the night before I go out of town.

Same with a guest bathroom. Guests could use guest towels in the guest shower. It would always be clean and I wouldn’t have to clean mine the night before.

I realize this all makes me sound extremely lazy and dirty. Just keepin’ it real folks.


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  1. Beautiful! Wish we would have gone two story and kept the half-bath. We got a bigger laundry room instead. I would love a guest room too!



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