Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to Our Fur-Child!

One year ago today little did we know our fur-child was being born. We always knew we wanted a lab because that’s what we’d both grown up with. Black labs to be specific. David’s family has a 12 (ish) year old boy named Bear & my parents have a 10 yr old girl, Jade. Both dogs are just so sweet and getting chubby in their old ages, hah! So anyway after we got married and settled into our then apartment, we started tossing around the idea of getting a puppy. We browsed breeder websites and scoured the internet. Made lots of calls in search for our perfect pup. You may think a lab is a lab, but there are actually different kinds. Courtesy of, there’s the English Labrador and the American. English are shorter, stockier, and have a larger block head. Americans are tall & lanky. We were looking for an American that was AKC registered. I was browsing the AKC website and found a breeder in Atapulgas (aka Bainbridge), GA. Close enough! I called and she said there were 2 black females, 2 black males, and a choc. female (sold) that were still there. She sent me pictures and we were smitten.
I'm not sure but I think the pup trying to shove his head in the hole with his eye pulled back is Remi- go figure:)

We still weren’t 100% sure on whether we wanted male or female (I wanted female and David wanted male) so we told her we would be there that evening just to “look”- ya right!!

We arrived to a pen of the cutest little pups ever (if I do say so myself). We pretty much decided by then that we’d be coming home with a girl named Georgia (from her home state) OR a boy named Remington. We played with them and faced the decision of picking one. We wanted them all! We finally decided on a boy. Now it was down to which of the two boys. One was shy and kept to himself and was a little smaller than his brother. The other was playful, and jumping on his older (grown) brother from a previous litter and just exploring all over the place. David was leaning toward the little shy guy but the paws on the other one were so big I knew he’d be huge (therefore offering me much protection-hah!) and he was such a little ham with that playful personality! I finally persuaded David into the bigger of the two and so he was chosen and aptly named Remington Bowden James. The middle name was of course David’s idea but since I picked the first name I let him have the honor of choosing the middle. And then we became a little family unit of three. I’ll never forget that little tiny ball of fur sleeping in my lap on the way home. And since we hadn’t planned to bring one home that night (who were we kidding?) we didn’t have a crate or bowls or anything yet so Remi spent his first night in our tub snuggled in with blankies and a stuffed animal. And then he just got bigger and bigger and we fell even more in love!
His first night home:

Ahh, life is good!

Although he’s tried and tested us many times over his first year of life, we love him so much and couldn’t imagine not having him. He’s made us laugh & cry and brought us so much joy! Happy Birthday to our Pooch Remington:)

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