Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beach Bunko 2013 // St. George Island, FL

As in years past, earlier this month we celebrated Bunko at the beach! 

Photo 11

We stayed in our usual Pelican’s Roost and a fabulous time was had by all! We really didn’t know how the weekend would go since Tropical Storm Karen was threatening to make landfall on Saturday. However, the storm ended up fizzling out and we had a beautiful weekend!

Photo 4

Part of the group went down Thursday morning, some others trickled in Thursday evening, and one straggler arrived Friday afternoon. We do happen to have jobs ya know. Some of us have to work. Thankfully that somebody wasn’t me!

Photo 13

Friday morning Sunrise.

Photo 1

Knowing I’d be eating yummy food all weekend, I did my best to get in a workout Friday morning!

Photo 2

My Momma is always the first one down and the last to leave. That woman loves her some beach time!

Photo 6

I caught up on Nicholas Sparks’ latest. I’ll be honest, I’m a huge NS fan however this book was one of my least favorites. Oh well.

Photo 10

Leslie and Aunt Sandra partaking in some R&R.

Photo 9

Midday Blue Parrot trip for Miami Vices.

Photo 12

The low country boil for Friday night’s bunko was delicious! Thanks Chef June!

Photo 15

Friday evening Sunset.

Photo 17

Saturday morning view from our room.

Photo 19

Sleeping Beauty Cherie.

Photo 22

A sign of a good time. Someone *coughmomcough* split her pants dropping it too low.

Photo 20

Donna, Leslie, Lenore, Mom, GMa

Photo 14

Saturday beach fun!

Photo 1 (2)

Photo 4 (2)

We spent a good part of the day SHARK WATCHING! There was about a 7 foot shark that spent his time in the area between the beach and the sandbar. He would come up real close to shore, we’d all run to watch and then he’d swim back out. We saw him off and on for hours. It was wild! Needless to say no one was really keen on getting in the water after that.

Photo 23

Almost every year we’ve lucked out and gotten to see a wedding when we’re at the beach. It’s always fun to watch.

Photo 26

Wedding crashers.

Photo 28

Most of the group! Missing my GMa & June from the bar and Anne who was sick back in Tallahassee.

  Photo 29

Mother, stop the vandalizing.

Photo 31

Photo 32

Saturday night sunset.

Photo 33

Saturday night sunset take 2.

Y’all, have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? Oh my gosh, it’s the most hilariously inappropriate game ever! We spent several hours playing. Who in the world comes up with that stuff?! If you’re looking for a night of uncontrollable laughter and you have a strange sense of humor, you will LOVE this game. However, I’d recommend you sit this one out if you are easily offended!

Until next year ladies!

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