Sunday, October 6, 2013


Fun news folks, we are official annual pass holders again! I AM PUMPED. Last weekend we met Kim and Josh for some Disney fun! We had a wonderful weekend and loved getting to stay at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.
Photo 67
David, Me, Kimbo & Josh.
Sorry your eyes were closed dear…mine almost are as well.
Photo 1
I watched Frankenweenie on the way down South. So cute!
Photo 4
I hated leaving this face behind, but unfortunately he’s too short for the rides!
Photo 5
We coasted into the Disney resort area on fumes. I am usually running on fumes every week because I put off getting gas until the last possible moment. However, this one was cutting it too close for comfort. The gas indicator stopped saying X miles to empty and eventually only read LOW FUEL. Whoopsie! Thankfully Mickey and the gang were looking out for us and we made it to the gas station. Lesson learned!
Photo 10
One of my very favorite sites!
Photo 7
We walked into the resort and picked up this cute mouseketeer!
Photo 8
Photo 3
We dumped our stuff and then we were off to Epcot!
Babe, you’re lack of Disney attire is completely unacceptable.
Photo 6
Aladdin & Jasmine. But where’s Rajah?
Photo 9
Lookin’ good boys, er boy and girl!
Photo 13
Hi dolphin!
Photo 14  Photo 15
One particular manatee was being so entertaining, he kept doing barrel rolls in front of the glass. So cute!
Photo 12 Photo 18
Starbucks has invaded Disney. This Salted Mocha Caramel Frappuccino was deelish!
Photo 17
After Epcot we went back to the resort to chill out before heading to Disney. We had an awesome corner spot with easy access to all the amenities.
Thanks again Kimbo for handling the booking!
Photo 26
Photo 20
Photo 21
Photo 22
Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, my fave!
Photo 23
Holding down the turtle.
Photo 25
Ahh, love this place.
Photo 27
Downtown Disney Shenanigans.
Photo 24
Friday morning the girls were up early getting their fitness on! Kimbo was up much earlier than me because she is half marathon training. But hey, we got it done!
Photo 29
On our way to Animal Kingdom!
Pair 1 of DIY Minnie Shirts I made!
Photo 30
Love that we are officially pass holders again! My life is complete.
Photo 28
Photo 31
Ready for Everest!
 Photo 33
Photo 34
Bracing for the descent!
Photo 32
The boys love Dino-rama. Kim and I hate it. Go ahead guys, we’ll wait up!
Photo 39
Mufasa and Sarabi. Or Simba and Nala. I’m not sure who was on duty.
Photo 40
Photo 42
The Lion King show is so entertaining!
Photo 44
After spending the day at AK, we went to the Millennia Mall and Ikea!
Photo 43  Photo 48
We spent the evening doing a little Minnie Golf.
See what I did there?
Photo 45
The pros.
Photo 46  Photo 47
Photo 49
Kim’s ball wedged in a cave.
We had the best time golfing. So many belly laughs and near deaths from crazy hit balls. Loved every minute of it!
Saturday morning it was up bright and early to hit up Hollywood Studios!
Photo 53
Day 2 shirts I made, LOVED these!
Photo 51 
Husband and I!
Photo 50
This. This is why I love her. A face constricted with terror because we’re riding in the front of Rock N’ Roller coaster, AKA the best spot ever!!
Photo 52  Photo 54
Photo 58
Photo 56  Photo 61
David had to get a picture with the Clark W. Griswold’s autograph!
Photo 60
We did a little drawing session! Can you guess whose is who?
TL: Josh, TR: Tam, BL: Kim, BR: David. I’m usually pretty good at these things but I royally sucked this time! I vote Josh as the winner!
Photo 62  Photo 57
Photo 63
Toy Story Mania.
Photo 65
After resting up at the hotel for a few hours, we headed to Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom!
Photo 68
Photo 69
The clouds were rolling in while we were strolling around the new Fantasyland. We got rained on a little bit but thankfully it didn’t last long.
Photo 70
Taking a peek at the new Seven Dwarfs mine roller coaster.
Photo 71  Photo 72
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! For Gaston!
Photo 74
We were on the People Mover while space mountain was down, and they had the lights on in there. So cool to see it all lit up!
Photo 75
Photo 76 Photo 83
Rut roh. The Pirate found some wife booty.
Photo 77
FYI, four grown people in one colorful teacup equals not much room.
Photo 79
David and Kim are siblings in case you were wondering.
Photo 78
Unspectacular iPhone firework photos.
Photo 84
Photo 82
My favorite treat, swirled orange creamsicle (more or less).
Photo 85
And just like that, our vacay was over. But we had a blast and of course, can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Yay! I enjoyed your Instagram pics and updates while you were gone. The last time we went, Brett and I weren't really using Instagram much yet, so I hope to do more this time. Glad y'all had a great time! Loved the photos on Everest!



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