Friday, August 8, 2014

Cinco on Friday

Hola! It’s Friday people. Thank the good Lord. It’s been a long week. Not terribly bad just long and busy! I am definitely ready for the weekend and I really hope to make it to the apartment pool at some point. Priorities I tell ya.

Let’s get to five things that made me smile this week!

     1) We officially booked a trip to Disney! It has been almost a year since we were last there. Meaning it’s been entirely too long! Our passes are about to expire and we’ve only been once since we got them so we had to be sure to squeeze in another trip. It’s going to be a short one but it’s happening nonetheless. Not only are we excited about that, but we finally get our own pair of Magic Bands! Basically they’re your pass to the kingdom. They should be arriving any day now. Thanks to Megan, I was inspired to personalize mine when it comes in! I also browsed Instagram to see what other people were doing with theirs and came across this fabulous one. Beyond cute, right?

     2) We bought a new couch! Like I said, the buyers of our house purchased a lot of our furniture too. I have wanted a leather couch for a long time mostly due to easy maintenance and cleanup living with dogs. We found an awesome huge couch at one of the local furniture shops and it only took 3 days to get here after we ordered it. Thank goodness because we have literally been using two fold up camping chairs in our living room. Good times.

     3) Heat transfer vinyl. Have you heard of it? I’ve wanted to try some for a while but couldn’t really find it local and affordable so I finally placed an order for some. It should also be here any day now and I can’t wait to get crafting! If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s vinyl like stickers are made out of but instead of it adhering like a sticker and only able to stick to hard surfaces, you iron it onto material. The possibilities are basically endless.

     4) If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you already know that I recently joined the Mac family. This past weekend I finally caved and bought myself a Macbook Air. I AM IN LOVE. It’s seriously fabulous and I just can’t stop petting it. Of course first things first it needed some personalization. I’m sensing a trend with this week’s Friday Five…stickers and vinyl and my initials, oh my! Any who, I pulled my Cricut out of the storage unit and went to town earlier this week. I love it!

Awesome screen saver taken by my friend Brett (Disney Photo Snapper)!
     5) Hmm…I’m drawing a blank. Well, it’s not something that happened this week but there are only 21 more days until the FSU Football Season starts! I’m excited for Football but even more so that means my favorite time of year is on its way…FALL!

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