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Lindsay’s Last Fling Before the Ring! // Savannah, GA

My beautiful friend Lindsay is getting married in October. To say I’m excited about her wedding is an understatement. I can imagine it being perfect in every way and I’m so honored to be a part of it! Her sister and also Matron of Honor Ashley is due with her second baby in just a few weeks so it was sort of now or not later on having Lindsay’s bachelorette party. The Matron of Honor definitely needed to be a part of it so the party was booked for before baby P's arrival!

There were seven of us that rented a house in Savannah, GA. The Jepson Estate was so, SO pretty. I wanted to move in and never leave. Here are some drool-worthy photos taken from the website.

It was just oozing old Southern Charm from its blue painted porch ceiling to a fireplace in every bedroom. Loved it!

The brood of ladies consisted of bridesmaids, Moms, and friends of Lindsay’s. We had a fantastic time and I would love to go back to Savannah on a romantic getaway. It’s just one of those cute little cities you want to snuggle in and not leave. We did however have a bit of bad luck on departure day though. Ashley’s car was broken into on the street next to our house and her iPad and camera were stolen. We ended up waiting around for a few hours for Ashley to file a police report and wait for forensics to come out. Total bummer.

Back to non-bummer things. Friday everyone arrived in Savannah. There were two separate Tallahassee crews, a one woman Atlanta crew (Lindsay) and a one woman NYC crew (Anna). Since we got there at different times we went out and got some lunch upon arrival while waiting on the rest of the crew. We ate at a place called Byrds. It was a neat little restaurant and they fed us cookie samples. Winning.
photo 1 (2)
Me and Devin
photo 5 (1)
Lindsay and Ashley (sisters)
Front porch sittin'. Perfection!
download (1)
Friday night we decided to keep it casual and walked down to the river to eat at The Cotton Exchange. I won’t even tell you how long it took 7 women to decide on a place to eat because that’s neither here nor there. Let’s just say it was a lengthy process, ha!
While waiting on our table Anna, Lindsay and I ordered a drink to go. You can walk around with adult beverages up there. Spiffy! I’m not much of a drinker so I’m always wary of ordering anything that’s not blended and milkshake consistency but thanks to the other brave souls ordering first, I followed suit with a delicious concoction of Sweet Tea vodka and lemonade. I guess it’s a spiked Arnold Palmer? Never had one of those either but I’ve seen them advertised at Starbucks. Not the spiked variety, obvs. Any who! It was delicious. I chugged it a little faster than I should. I don’t know how to sip a drink. I’m no good at it. I’m more of a brain freeze chugger. Whoopsie! Regardless it was very yummy and I already want another.

Dinner was good and filling. I had a shrimp po-boy which you can’t go wrong with. And potato salad. Yum.

Once we made it back home, we threw a lingerie shower for the bride-to-be! Ashley made the cake for the evening which was pretty much the best wiener cake I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve seen a lot of wiener cakes but still, I’m sure this would be the greatest of them all! Girls got skills. Future career Ash?            
"Wishing you much hap-penis!"
The pretty bachelorette ready to open some unmentionables. 
Anna and Mrs. Kathy, the bartenders!
Ooo la la!
Saturday morning we got up and feasted on Lindsay’s Momma’s yummy breakfast casserole. Then 7 women got ready for the day. I always love seeing the get-ready process for other people! It's an art :)

Happy girls!
First things first, mimosas and the Farmer’s Market! The house was located right across the street from Forsyth Park. This provided a lot of activities to watch and/or partake in. We only partook in the market but we could’ve done boot camp if we wanted to. You know, if we were there to work out and stuff. Which we weren’t. We spent the majority of the time eating and/or walking somewhere to eat. Not a bad gig I’d say.                          

Me, Anna, Ms. Theresa (Lindsay's Mom), Lindsay, Ashley, Devin
Blinded by the bling.
Women on a mission.
Stopped by Paula Deen's Lady and Sons restaurant to take a peek. We didn't get to eat there though.
Catching candy, oh yeahhh.
Warm pecan praline. To die for!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the hostesses provided everyone with super cute goodie bags for the weekend. The bags included matching shirts that said “Lindsay’s Last Fling Before the Ring”. Good stuff and the shirts were cute and comfortable for the day ahead!

From the Farmer’s Market we headed downtown towards Ellis Square for shopping. I was on a mission to find the famous bench from Forrest Gump. Per the Google, it was located in Chippewa Square. Well, we found the square and the location where the bench should be, yet it was gone. Boo! Apparently they’ve moved it to a museum or some baloney like that. What about the fans! The tourists! I wanted to sit on it! We just made our own bench instead. Awesomesauce.              
We then trekked to Ellis Square and stopped in a few shops. I got the cutest Labrador Retriever cookie cutter. I can’t wait to make cookies now! We then ate lunch at a restaurant called Goose Feathers Cafe. I had a scrumptious Italian Panini.
Before we knew it, the day crept by and it was time to head back to the house to get ready for our fancy night out. We had dinner reservations at Alligator Soul. Approximately 15 minutes before we’re set to walk out of the door the sky fell out. I’m talking lightning, thunder, down pour - the works. Ugh. Curls and makeup and heels do not mix well with that kind of weather. However we made the best of it, took cover and drove to the restaurant.            
Dinner was extravagant and fancy and something I’m not used to. However I loved getting to dress up like a girl and enjoy a really nice meal with some freaking awesome people! Also, the shrimp and grits were pretty much heaven in my mouth. Double yum.          

Such a gorgeous bride-to-be she is!

Nom nom nom!
Mrs. Kathy won Bachelorette Bingo!

Checking boxes off the bingo!
After dinner, we wrapped up the evening with a ghost tour…in a hearse! Eek! We’d been seeing these hearses driving around all weekend and ultimately decided to go with the riding tour versus the walking tour since we had a recent knee surgery party member, an 8 month pregnant lady and a newly pregnant lady (not me!). The tour started at 10:45 when they picked us up at 700 Drayton, a super fancy restaurant down the street from our house. The tour was less than scary, and in fact a little too cheesy. That was a bit of a letdown (but okay because I'm a scaredy cat) but fun to get to ride around Savannah and actually get to see some sights. Even if it was dark.          
Just some chicks waiting on a hearse.

Our chariot awaits.

Hampton Lillibridge House - the most haunted in Savannah!
Sunday morning we got up and packed to head home. While waiting for the police to arrive to file the break-in report some super nice ladies from across the street invited us into the A/C in their beautiful bed and breakfast, the Catherine Ward House Inn. They offered us beverages and let us use the restroom for nearly an hour while we waited. SO nice of them! Can’t beat Southern Hospitality. Also, the Inn was just gorgeous. I would love to stay there!

Once we were finally done with the Po-Po we were starved and ready for some food. It was now approaching 12:45 and none of us had eaten anything yet. On a recommendation from the Inn ladies, we had brunch at the mansion at 700 Drayton. It was so cool in there and swanky. We had a delicious lunch/brunch and then we parted ways and hit the road headed South!


Our waitress heard our morning was off to a rough start so she treated us to an amazing ice cream treat!

I had such a wonderful time and am so thankful to Anna and Ashley for being the party planners for this event. What a fun trip with some fabulous people!

Can’t wait until the wedding!

*Huge thanks to Devin for letting me steal a ton of these pictures. She was the awesome photographer for the weekend!

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  1. What a fun weekend! I absolutely love love love Savannah!!



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