Friday, December 5, 2014

A Fashion Post

I’m not one to spend a lot of money on clothes. They’re honestly just way too expensive. More than $15 on a shirt or $28 on jeans is just not my forte. Therefore I’m forced to be creative with my (sometimes really old) wardrobe.

Yesterday I happened to put together an outfit I really liked. In fact after I was dressed I kind of wanted to take it off and save it for our Christmas pictures this weekend. I hate when that happens. Don’t be surprised if something similar shows up on our Christmas cards...any who, one thing that’s saving me right now is tights during the winter which just make everything better. Hello dresses that I normally feel too hooch wearing in the Summer months! 
I call this look, State Worker Holiday Luncheon. I tried cinching the waist with a belt but there was too much material and it was bunching. Not cute. I hadn’t worn this dress since I’d lost weight so it’s a little on the bigger side now. That’s okay though, more room to hide all the food I ate. I got so many compliments on my boots. It’s not every day that you see cowboy boots in an office (thanks Momma & Daddy!). We’ve got a really casual dress code though so it’s all good. I’m one of the supervisors who doesn’t actually wear jeans (except Fridays, duh) so I feel like I’m winning as long as I’m not doing that.

It got me thinking, since I’ve been a blog slacker lately I haven’t shared some fun outfits I’ve put together. Most I have shared on social media (sorry for the repeats) but I think it’d be fun to put them in one place.
I recently bought a black and white polka dot dress from H&M when Kim and I went shopping on her last visit. It was $25. That’s reasonable in my opinion and can be a lasting piece year after year. It’s going to be a really versatile dress…I can feel it. Paired with a brown jacket and well loved boots, perfectly simple!
Another go-to this season has been plain dresses with colored tights! Never gets old. Cole (my brother) said it looks like I just have yellow legs. Thanks. Just what I was going for. Chicken leg colored stems.  
This one was a winner that I recently posted. Old sweater, old tank top, old shoes, $12 Old Navy skirt and a leopard belt for the win. Cheap, easy, mixing old and new for a fun look!
Up next is this coral number with the leopard belt. Perfect way to carry over your Summer colors into the Fall season.
Lastly is this roaring combination (see what I did there?) of a leopard pencil skirt and black blouse. Topped with a big pearly bubble necklace. Loved this one.
It’s also my favorite time of year for another very important reason. Can you guess? It’s SCARF SEASON people! Granted I tend to wear scarves here and there throughout the year but let’s face it. I live in Florida and it’s 100 degrees plus in the Summer so may they be cute, practical they’re not. But Winter, oh Winter, you better believe my scarves have been in heavy rotation!
And vests. VESTS FOR THE WIN. 


  1. All of your outfits are so cute! I'm constantly coming up with different rotations for outfits. I just can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on clothes lol!

  2. Love it! This is the kind of post I want to do once I'm not wearing maternity clothes any longer LOL



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