Thursday, December 11, 2014

Annual Beach Bunko: St. George Island, FL

Year after year in October our Bunko group heads to St. George Island for a weekend of eating, sunning, boozing and gambling. Sounds like a fab time right?! It is!

We rent the same house every year, the Pelican’s Roost. It’s equipped with 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 2 kitchens. I think I’ve relayed this before but this is the same house that I grew up going to for family reunions. I remember playing ping pong in the downstairs living area with my brother and cousins when there was only one digit in our age. Lots of fun memories in that house!

Needless to say it’s a weekend we all look forward to every year. I'll let the pictures do the talking. After all what happens at Beach Bunko, stays at Beach Bunko...

There are bound to be pranks.
(Poor fishy was found dead on the beach...)
Wild women playing LCR!
My Aunt Donna. Oh, Donna...

We had an afternoon of storms the first day we were there. We took the opportunity to eat, sit on the porch and play Cards Against Humanity! A stormy day at the beach is still better than any day at work!

Hey ladies!

Momma and I.
I had the traveling bunko necklace at the time.

In her happy place!
Our bedroom view never gets old. 
Those are some nice dice you have Kellie!

The sun came out for us. What a glorious day!
David sent me this picture from back home. Remi got to enjoy Tallahassee's annual Puppies in the Pool Event! I'd say he had fun and I was sorry to miss it! Moose does not care for swimming one bit so she stayed home.
Repping our Seminoles at the beach!

Hers so pretty. Heading to Harry A's for happy hour :)
There's a whole lotta crazy in that trunk. Ha!

Love my Aunt Sandra too!

Oh dear.

Love this group!!

Eddy Teach's Raw Bar

Mimosas at the beach. Because why not?

If those walls could talk...
Another wonderful year in the books. Until next year St. George Island!

2011 wasn’t blogged (lame sauce I know)

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