Thursday, December 4, 2014

Housing Situation Update

You know when you’re at a restaurant and you’ve been waiting forever for your food but you really have to pee? You finally get up to pee and sure enough your food is there when you come back. I always think to myself, darn I should have gone to the bathroom 20 minutes ago and maybe my food would have arrived then!

Well that’s what I’m hoping this blog post serves as, my bathroom break.

I’m getting so antsy to talk about our house plans but there’s nothing set in stone yet. We should be hearing news this week or next (fingers crossed) if our intent to build again will be going through. Yep, we’re hoping to go that route again! Much smaller this time and WE CAN’T WAIT. We’re just waiting on our builder (same as last time) to tell us he can build us the house we want at the price point we need. We met with him a few weeks ago and already have our plans ready to go (which he drew for us) but we don’t have a signed contract yet. The lot we picked out has even been surveyed already. It’s all on the cusp of being official, yet it’s so far away. However we have been living/breathing/thinking about when we’re officially official so I figured why not blog about it…then maybe all of a sudden tomorrow we’ll get the news we want to hear! You know, like when the food is finally delivered.

Something I am extremely terrible at is keeping my hopes down. Every ounce of me just wants to give in and get excited but I’m trying to not accept the fact yet that we’ll get the chance to build again. Which is why I’ve been so hush hush on the blog about our plans. I could come back tomorrow with a post saying NEVERMIND! I hate having to do that but at this point I just felt like giving an update. From the outside it seems like we’ve just been living in an apartment with no intent of ever leaving. Totally not the case! We’ve been working for months on making this happen and we’re in the final stages of hearing a yes or no. Either to move forward and build or explore another option!

If/when we are under contract I can’t wait to share a lot of the ideas that have been sloshing around in my brain! My secret Pinterest board is itching to go public.

I just really dislike being that person that says “We’re doing XYZ! “and then the next day saying, “oh yeah, ixnay on that…”. But that is real life and this isn’t an announcement that we are in fact building, but just that we hope we get to! If things fall through and that door closes, we’ll know that’s our sign from the Big Man that it’s not meant to be and we’ll switch courses and by a pre-loved home! Which we already explored and just couldn’t find what we wanted in the months that we spent looking. At least not for the price tags on them!

Here’s to hopefully receiving good news very soon!

In honor of #TBT (Dad, that means hashtag "Throwback Thursday") a photo from the last time we got started on this crazy fun journey – the day the lot clearing began! Oh I hope we get to do it again!!


  1. Oooooh fun!!! I hope you get approved and can move forward!! I loved 'watching' you build last time (actually, I think I 'watched' in retrospect from a few years later when I read back through your entire blog, haha...but it felt live to me!) and would love to see it again! But also it will give me major House Envy, so maybe it's better if things fall though...hahaha.

  2. Aww YAY I'm so happy for the two of you... again... that is if you all get to move forward with your plans!! I loved seeing you all make the last house a home and will love doing so again! You are so crafty and on point with design (can you come do it for me :) Fingers crossed for you two!

  3. Excited for you guys!! Can't wait to see that secret Pinterest board ;)



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