Monday, May 10, 2010


(sorry for the sideways computer freezes everytime i try to turn them!)

I’m happy to share I finally have some pictures off my camera:) Thanks to mom’s computer!

This is what the exterior of the house is looking like these days. It hasn’t changed much but I’ve hung my star and my Mom gave me a cool cactus plant that now tops my DIY madeover milk jug. Sweet!

Next we have the newly painted RED foyer. It was a scary move but I brought in a sign with two little red stars on it to Lowes to have it matched and this is how it looks! I think it turned out pretty good and it definitely livened up the entrance. And we got our cute little entry table from Tar-jay!

Moving on, here is the mostly complete living room. The rug is one of the most recent additions which we scored on sale at Lowe’s. We’ve got all the furniture in for this space now, just need to add some more homey touches like table decorations and misc. knick knacks. I just love itJ

Now, probably my favorite of the whole space so far is our counter height dining room table. We ate our first meal on it last night and it was great! Still need a big pretty centerpiece for the lazy susan…got any ideas? I was thinking maybe a clear vase with lemons and lime to bring in some pizzazz and celebrate spring:)

This is the finished kitchen. Probably one of my favorite things is that little chalkboard in the top left corner that we found on sale at kirklands (love that store!). It just reminds me of a little sign that would be out front of a bistro or something.

And here we have the laundry room, painted in Robin’s Egg Blue. It’s such a cheery little room and I am loving the new washer/dryer.

My craft room is also painted the same color as the laundry room, I just liked it that much! I am super excited to have my own space where things that I work with often can stay in its place and not have to be put away after use. I am going to be spending many hours in this room. Still need to add some more fun décor in here though, it’s my happy place:)

Next we have David’s Man Room/Office. This is where all his gaming stuff will be set up once we get a tv in there. We picked up this great desk from Office Depot and can’t wait to get a computer in there…that’s on the “to get” list along with a million other things.
I though the color I had picked for the guest bath was a Slate Blue, and it turned out to be more of an ocean blue:/ Not the look I was going for but I sure am not in the mood to repaint it so that’s how it’s gonna stay! Still needs some finishing touches as well but this is its current state.
We got our dressers and night stands in for the Master, but our bed is on backorder so I’ll wait til we get it to share pics of that.

And I still need to paint the master bath (last room to be painted!!) which will be an avocado green color. Hopefully I can knock that out this weekend and can put away the paint stuff for a looong time:)

Okay that’s all for now but I’ll post more as progress comes along!

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