Monday, May 10, 2010


I have a news bulletin to share if you don’t know already…our good friends Lindsay and Joseph are ENGAGED!! I am so excited for the two of them and absolutely cannot wait for their wedding. I had a newly engaged picture of them that I sadly accidently deleted when I transferred the pictures off my cameraL Congrats to the Future Sundays!

Tomorrow David and I are going to take a quick trip to Panama City, but no it’s not for the beach:/ We are going to look at/test drive/ and hopefully come home with a new car! My lease on my much loved Jetta is up at the end of the month and it’s time to buy something for the keeping. As much as I love my car, I really miss having the space that an SUV offers. There are several that I really like but long story short, we have decided to pursue a ___________! Okay okay so I don’t wanna say what it is yet because if I do and don’t end up getting it I’ll be bummed and you’ll wonder why I posted about it in the first place. Not that it’s a big super awesome reveal but I just don’t wanna say im getting something when I don’t know yet. But just know we are doing all the above tomorrow and I’ll share what I get if I get it! You’re probably wondering too why we’re going out of town to find one, and that’s because there aren’t any in Tallahasee:/ The dealership here doesn’t have any in and so we’re going where they got ‘em. I hope it works out!

Yesterday was a great Mother’s Day which included a cook out at my parents house and a fun day of swimming and hanging out at David’s parents and their neighbor’s house. I finally got some much needed sun but David got FRIED! Oh and Remi had his first pool experience! He didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. We had to pick him up and put him in there but he would swim for a quick minute and then make his way to the stairs. It was such a beautiful day!

I’m looking forward to this weekend too which will include Bunko & a trip to Iron City, GA which I might add has a whoppin’ population of 321! Every year the James’ family has an annual family reunion/fish fry and we weren’t able to go last year so I’m really looking forward to this years! One of the things I’m super excited about is the FRIED BACON…talk about the best thing you’ll ever eat! We had this two years ago when we went and I’m willing to bet I’ve thought about it probably every day for the last two years! Fat kid, I know I know. It’s just sooo yummy:)

Oh yeah we bought a tree this weekend! We have wanted to get a tree to plant in a corner of our yard for some privacy from our neighbors, and boy I never thought we’d be “tree shopping”! We decided on a Little Gem Magnolia. It’s already 12 foot tall and can’t wait to watch it grow! We also got some other little plants to spruce up the front and the backyard. It’s all coming together a little bit at a time. Oh and by the way anyone who wants to give me lots of money to spend at Tallahassee Nurseries is MORE than welcome:o) Here’s our newly planted tree, or as I called it our “love tree” that we shall watch flourish and grow! Hahah Oh and the little purple diamond plants are supposed to fill out rather large so hopefully you won’t be able to see the unattractive slabJ

And here is a picture of our hellion sweet 4-legged baby who steals and chews everything he’s not supposed to! The other morning he snatched one of my garden gloves off the porch and I chased him around the yard at 7 am on Saturday in my PJs trying to get it back from the little monster angel! Oh how we love himJ Oh and Remi got up close and personal to the bunnies a few weeks ago. While David was feeding them and the door was open, Remi jumped INSIDE their cage and apparently needed a closer look! Unfortunately I missed this whole ordeal because I was inside but boy what I would have given for a picture!

Have I mentioned too that Remi loves giving his Daddy sugar? I don’t love puppy sugar as much as David does, so Remi lets him have it! Haha!

One more thing, I gave blood last Friday for the 3rd time in a row! You can physically give blood every 8 weeks and since my blood type is O+ it is in demand and I get calls asking me to come donate. Luckily I am able to do it at the SCBC Blood Bus that comes to my work and if you donate it counts as time worked as well. I almost wasn’t able to do it this time because they said my iron level wasn’t high enough, but they offered to do a “second stick” in my finger to try again. I agreed reluctantly and it was high enough the second time! I have to admit I was scared to death the first time I donated. You sit in a big long chair, and then they stick ya with a big hollow needle (okay not that big) and you sit there about 5 minutes while a pint of blood is sucked outta ya! It isn’t bad though and I feel great about what I’m doing. After all, every time you donate, 3 lives are saved! Plus everytime you do it you get something. I am obtaining quite the collection of blood donor shirts and one time they were giving away pints of ice cream for a pint from you.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Yay for the update!.. And ya it seems as there is never enough money available to spend on the new house :(

  2. Hey! I found your blog after I stumbled upon Nicole Hagertys! I hope you don't mind that I caught up on your life :) I saw a couple pictures when you first starting painting the house but all the finished rooms look great! It's so exciting to be able to lay out all your paint options and pick the perfect ones for every room. I love the big spoon/fork about the kitchen too- how adorable! Can't wait for more updates (and pictures) as you progree! And CONGRATS on becoming a mommy (to your puppy of course!)



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