Monday, May 3, 2010


Well the house is unpacked (mostly), the furniture is all here (mostly), & spent the weekend putting the furniture together (mostly). We had a very busy and productive weekend which started with an early morning trip to Thomasville by David and his dad. Thank goodness they were able to get all the furniture in the first load, and when they returned it was time to get to work! I don’t know what I was thinking, but for some reason I though everything would come nice and pretty wrapped and already put together…boy was I WRONG! Even the recliner came in two pieces, sheesh. Oh and I will be happy if I never see an alan wrench again since that’s how everything had to be put together. Then after 75 % of it was done being put together, my Dad saved the day and lent me an alan wrench drill bit- LIFESAVER! I was able to put 4 chairs together in an hour compared to the 2 I had done before which took 40-45 minutes each using that tiny little wrench by hand. Thanks Dad!

I really wish I could include some pictures in this post but I still can’t figure out my camera:/ I will probably say that in every post until I get it fixed! But I am absolutely LOVING the way everything turned out. I am very happy with our furniture choicesJ We had a movie night Saturday and watched Avatar and it was so nice to be able to sit on a couch again!

Sunday we went over to some friends of ours, Brett & Lynn, who live right down the road. They moved in to their new home several months ago and now we live right down the street from them! It’s nice to have someone ya know so close by. A few of us got in the pool but at a cool 71 degrees it was a little on the chilly side! I got in but never really warmed up lol. They fed us a smorgasbord of food and we had a great time. Thanks for having us ya’ll!

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  1. Thanks, we had a great time too.. was worried the day wouldnt clear up but it did.. and ya the pool was a little cold, but its warming up.. up to 73* today :)



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