Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Five

1) I am getting really excited for our annual Memorial Day camping trip with the Fam at Cap San Blas. We have been going for a long time now and not only is it my family, but also a lot of people from my old neighborhood as well. One year we took a group picture that had 30 people in it!! It’s a great time and I can’t wait. Although we’re going to be sad to be boarding Remi, it’ll be nice to have a little break and not have to be responsible! Ahh…Oh and I hope to see one of these too!

2) I am done painting! (I know I know, it’s taken me FOREVER). I started cutting in the master bath last week and finally finished it tonight. Ahh to be able to pack up the paint stuff that is crowding my craft room closet, can't wait to put it away for good!

3) Just realized how much I love this: Three letters: D-V-R oh how I love thee. We had DVR when I lived with my parents but when David and I got married we cut the stuff we could live without and he thought DVR was on of them. Well I am happy to say that since moving into our new place we splurged and got DVR and HDTV again. If you have DVR you know how wonderful it is, and if you don’t, I recommend it if you’re a TV junky (like myself). It’s just so nice to get home from work everyday and be able to watch my guilty pleasures (Holla Oprah & Tyra!) haha, no really though, it’s AWESOME!

4) Along with the zillions of other things I need/want for the house, something I have really been itching to do is to make throw pillows for the couch and curtains for our room and the dining area. Ya ya technically we have blinds and don’t really need curtains, but I think they add a nice touch and if I make them myself we will save lots of moola. Plus I get to put my craft room to work! Hopefully David will see the need in curtains and let me get to work;)
5) Numero cinco. I’ll share something funny that happened to me at work the other day. Since I’m in my new position I am not really “on the phones” yet since I pretty much have to take a message on 4/5 of the calls I answer, which is only when someone else can’t pick it up…ANYWHO, I happened to answer the phone the other day and the first thing out of the other end was “Habla espanol?” (Do you speak Spanish?). Now let me just say I got a little nervous, but went ahead and replied with “Un poco” (A little bit). I have taken a handful of Spanish classes and could ramble all day long to my family but fortunately they don’t know whether I’m telling them something grammatically correct or not lol. SO after I told the lady I could speak it a little bit, she spewed out an entire problem she was having with her license at about a mile a minute. I caught a few words here and there but I think even if she was talking English I wouldn’t have been able to keep up. I told her, “Lo siento, yo no comprendo, mas despacio por favor” (I’m sorry, I don’t understand, slower please). Well let’s just say she was NOT happy with that response, told me some choice words and promptly hung up on me…Thannkks lady, I’m sorry for trying to understand you and help, after all, we ARE IN AMERICA!!! What I should have told her were the few words that used to make us giggle in Spanish when we knew we weren’t supposed to say them. The ones you would definitely get in trouble saying in front of your Spanish teacher! Oh well, sounds like she needs to take some classes and learn some English!

That’s all, have a great weekend!

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