Monday, December 20, 2010

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

This has probably become the most fitting quote for this holiday season, and this weekend was no exception!

Saturday we hosted a Christmas party at our home. I have to say I was super nervous and anxious all week. Will people get bored? Will there be enough food? Is the house big enough? Where will they park?

Thankfully, it went off without a hitch! At one point we had about 40 bodies and it was packed and so fun! There was tons of food & I really enjoyed having everyone over. I never peeked outside at the parking, and we never got a complaint, so I’m guessing it all worked out!

Us girls doing our ornament exchange:)
Renee, Katie, Me & Erin

People mingled and ate and drank and were merry (as far as I could tell;). It was good seeing and getting to hang out with people I hadn’t gotten to see in a while. David and I were saying that it felt sort of like our wedding, trying to be sure to talk to everyone and not have a guest that was feeling left out or bored.

We bought a fire pit for the backyard and I think that was a great decision. It got pretty darn cold and since people were hanging outside as well, it was a great addition!

Our last guests left around 11:30 ish and by then we were absolutely pooped! We’d been up since six cleaning and prepping.

My Mom, Dad, Cole & Valerie crashed at our house. There was someone in almost every room! Cole on the couch, Val on a blowup bed in my craft room & M & D in the guest room (sleeping on the mattress on the floor since the bed is still a “look don’t touch” item!)

Remi did really well with all the people. He made his rounds and managed to get snuck a few food items (Valerie!! ;) In the middle of the night he left our room and went and snuggled up with Cole on the couch…so cute! Even though Cole probably didn’t care for it much haha!
I have to give a BIG THANKS & *HUGS* to my Mom & Dad. They came over early on party day to help in anything we needed them to do. My Dad’s main job was to cook the chili, and Mom helped me with inside stuff. I love you both, y’all rock!!
Dad & Brody And thanks again to my Hubby for completing your honey-do list. I love you:)

Thanks again to everyone for coming out! To those that couldn’t make it, we missed you!!

And now for some pictures…

Wii action!

Lindsay trying out the mystery pepper...haha!! Turns out she liked it!

Val & Cole had some company:)

Linds, Me & Nicole
Linds & Brody
Hubby tending to the fire
My great grandparents.
Me, Renee, Linds & Erin


  1. Looks like a lovely time - your house looks beautifully decorated.

  2. I had a BLAST at the party! I can't believe how late we stayed (oops - sorry! didn't mean to keep you guys up so late). Thanks again for having us and feeding us :) The food and company was awesome :)



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