Monday, December 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

First of all, I want to wish a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cuzzy cuz TIFFANY! I wish she was here in Tally with us celebrating but she couldn’t make it so I’m giving her some love on the ol’ blog. Love you Tiff, happy birthday!!

(Picture stolen from Tiff's FB)

Onto Christmas recap:

I hope Santa was good to you, he was very good to me!

Thursday (Christmas Eve) was my Mom’s birthday. We celebrated by going to eat at El Jalisco’s!

Yes, I'm mature.

Then we went to my Grandma’s for cake (cookies this year) and presents. Mom got some good stuff!

My Uncle Doug and Aunt Angie gave each of the women a scarf that they bought on their trip to Italy this past November. I am in LOVE with mine!

After bday celebrations we (Me, David, Mom, Dad, Cole & Valerie) piled up in our car and rode through a few neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights. Loved it although the lights get less and less every year :(

Then it was home to watch the first showing (followed by many more) of a Christmas story and get ready for bed.

We stayed at my parents and will be there all this week so we don’t miss out on any of the fun! I got tons of good stuff, including my Cricut! I am planning to buy the software this evening so I can finally get to making the projects I’ve been dying to make :) Thanks Hubs and Mom & Dad for spoiling me :)

Remi opening his bone! He loved ripping the paper off!

Dad & his scratch offs!

Mom & Cole

Our 9th Christmas together.

David's new glove!

Matching jammies

Momma's pretty mantle


Christmas was spent with family and we of course did a lot of eating. It was back to GMa’s for Christmas dinner.

We also went to my In-Laws for a little while to do Christmas with them and had our “first” dinner of the day. Thank you guys!! One person who was extremely missed this Christmas vacation was my S-I-L Kimbo :/ Her and her hubby couldn’t make it up this year and I was SO sad to not see her on Christmas. Hopefully next year, right Kim?! Last stop of the day was Aunt Sandra’s where we opened more gifts (Thank you guys!) and then headed home on the drizzly Christmas night.

At GMa's

Oh and I also got to spend some time playing with my homemade Bokeh lens/hood thingy. Love the results!

Sunday was spent doing laundry and my friends The Shampaners paid us a visit at mine and David’s house. It was great catching up with them!

Let’s see, OH! We had snow flurries on Sunday!! It was sooo cold and blistery and wouldn’t ya know, while I was at Kohl’s using my gift card to buy this beauty in taupe, I saw snow flurries! It was soo cool, and I could see them so good on my black sweatshirt. I know it’s not a big deal for most people but here in Florida I was super duper excited! Then last night our company started to arrive. Everyone usually gets here after Christmas and stays through or close to New Years. Last night we got a “batch” of family which included Uncle Donny, his girlfriend Debbie, her daughter Kendall, and Big Momma & Grampy! Within the first hour that she was there, we cooked the first of (6!) boxes of Ghirardelli brownies she brought. God love her! This is how you know Big Momma is in the house:

Grammy & Grampy

And would you please take special notice of the amount of paper plates the woman brought? She came prepared! Haha!

Today I was the only one who had to work out of all 10 people at the house this morning. Boo! But thankfully I am off Wednesday, Thursday and of course Friday so I’ll get some family time in. Can’t wait!

Oh and here's us tonight hanging out trying to stay warm!

Here’s to a great week!!

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