Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Wednesday Folks

Just some random ramblings...

Firstly, every room in our house is finished except the guest room. It's been painted, but there is nothing in it. We've been meaning to buy furniture but kept putting it off. Well we are having a Christmas get together this weekend and decided the room needed to at least have a bed in it so it's not just empty and unfinished! So this presented a little problem because we wouldn't have time to order anything and it be here in time. The new hunt became to find a bed that was "take it home today!". As luck would have it, Ashley's Furniture (where the rest of our stuff is from) had one random bed for sale, on clearance and ready for take home. And I actually liked it! Sold! We bought the bed but the rails had to be ordered. They were nice enough to send us home with loaner rails so the bed could at least be functional until the other ones came in. Well...I waited all day today so excited to put it together, and I realize the rails they gave me don't fit the slats on the all. Grr. I called and they don't have any loaner ones that would fit it, so I now have a headboard and a footboard but no complete "bed". Fingers crossed it comes in by Saturday!
Also last night we went to BB&B and both Targets to find bedding, nightstand & lamp. I am super excited with what we got and I'll share once I can show a completed room pic!

Nextly, (is that a word? I don't think so) I was excited to find that my sunburst mirror was featured on my friend Mandy's website!
I used to work with her when we were receptionists at our old job and she is the sweetest person ever! She is also uber crafty and has an awesome website and even an etsy shop! You may remember, the silhouette I did of Remi was her tutorial (which I can't find on my blog now!). Thanks Mandy! =D

Lastly, here in the south, college football is big. Like real big. So when I/we see a Seminole in person, I gotta admit David and I get a little starstruck...guilty! What d'ya know, two times within the past few weeks we've seen FSU's head coach and starting quarter back Christian Ponder...both at Chick-Fil-A at different times. Actually, tonight I saw Coach Fischer and David wasn't with me. He was sad he wasn't there! I took a stalker picture of him...haha!
And here's David and Christian. "His Idol!" and ahh I don't mind the eye candy either;)

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