Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Disney! :/

We love Disney. It’s no secret. We have been annual pass holders for two years now and every time we go it’s just as exciting as the first time we went.

A friend of my Dad’s knew we were Disney lovers, so he was gracious enough to gift us (two) 1 day park hoppers. He and his wife will not be able to use them by their expiration date (coming up in a few weeks) so he figured maybe we could. Well, we don’t need them because we have our passes, so we wanted to take someone else with us! We shared the fun news with Mom & Cole, picked out a weekend, went to book a resort, and guess what, no rooms left that don’t require an arm, leg, or your first born :( Say whaaaa?

I have called for the past 3 days straight trying to see if there have been any vacancies come up and no such luck:( We are about to look into booking an off site hotel but it’s really just not the same experience. We have been spoiled by the Disney resorts so we are having a hard time “settling” on a non-Disney resort.

Fingers & toes crossed that something becomes available. Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year in my opinion at Disney. There are gazillions of lights that never cease to amaze me and I really hope my Mom gets to see it all. Cole too of course but I know he doesn’t care as much!

That would just really stink if we can’t use the free tickets because we couldn’t find a place to stay:/ Oh well, we’ll see what happens!

Here's some pics from our trip last December.

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