Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thoughts for Wednesday

-Christmas is in just three short days

-There is no good reason to be at work this week. Or next.

-Can’t wait to see some of my favorite people ever this weekend

-Dr. took 3 skin biopsies yesterday…fingers crossed they come back benign

-Momma turns 29 again on the 24th ;)

-I hope we get sent home early tomorrow…wishful thinking!

-I’m picking up the bed rails today for our guest room (yay!)

-I really want to make this yummy corn chowder recipe sometime over the holiday weekend

-I need to purchase a “game gift” – my family’s annual white elephant of sorts

-I plan to take a heckofalotta pictures this weekend. I want to try this technique with the Christmas tree like this gal at

Did I mention I don’t want to work tomorrow?!

Now you go on and have yourself a Merry little Christmas=D

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