Saturday, July 2, 2011

When Things Don’t Go Right, Go Left


Remember a few posts ago I said I wanted a tattoo? Well, I got it.


Cuh-razy huh?

Lindsay wanted to get one too and she finally laid down the law since she is moving soon and will be starting her new job in a new city far far away (Wahhh!!) she said it was time. Now or never. Sweet or non-sweet. Oil or vinegar. Well she didn’t really say that but you get the idea.

SO, we went back and forth trying to find the right artist, shop, etc…After many many many suggestions thanks to Facebook, we narrowed it down to a few. Mmk did you know that most tattoo shops close by 9? Ya, me either. I mean I thought they would open at nine. Unt uh. Perhaps to ward off drunken regrettable tattoos? Anywho, we went to three shops and they were either closed, super busy/pricey or just plain didn’t exist anymore. So we ended up at Monument Tattoos which was also highly recommended. As soon as we walked in, we pretty much knew it was the place. We were greeted right away. It was not busy at all. The place was clean and the artist was right there to talk to us (as soon as he finished up the piece he was working on). We told them what we wanted, ran down the road to get some cash (no cards allowed) and we were ready. Lindsay wanted to go first so she wouldn’t chicken out change her mind. So I obliged. We honestly thought hers would hurt more on the bottom of the heel. Perhaps because it is just thicker there? Well boy were we wrong. She was pleasantly surprised that it was not that painful! Mostly she just felt the buzzing but not much pain. She was a trooper!

Oh but first! Introductions!

Meet Kane.


Looks a little cray-zay!


Getting ready.

DSC_0407 copyStencil? Check!

DSC_0408 copy

Alright here we go!


And we’re off!


Thumbs up for not much pain!


All done! Cute cute!

Next up, it was my turn. I always knew I wanted a tattoo on my foot. And I knew I always wanted words. After a lot of thinking I decided on “let it be”. With everything I’ve gone through lately, I found this to give me a lot of strength. A friend of mine said “tattoos are a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling, and that’s not always a bad thing”. I just felt that this was something I really wanted and it would not only apply to what I’m going through right now, but my entire future. Future Kids, Husband, life. When you can’t control life, or other people in yours, you just have to “let it be”. And so it was decided. I went back and forth a lot on location even using photoshop as a tool! I finally decided on the inside arch of my foot. For your foot being relatively small, there are quite a few locations for tattoos. I figured on the inside it’s definitely visible, but I can always hide it if I need to. I am so happy with the spot I picked! Now for my turn…


Okay, now I’m nervous!


Stencil? Check again!


Buzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh my. I knew the foot would be painful, but whoo-wee! It actually was very bearable. Until he got to the top part of “it” and “be”. It was like burning razors when it hit the bone! Thanks Lindsay for letting me break hold your arm! Thankfully it only took a few minutes and it was all done.


It's perfectly imperfect!


Whew, glad that’s done!


We did it!

Oh! Wanna know why we did our left foot? I explained to Lindsay on the way to the bank to get cash that I wanted it on my left foot. The following conversation ensued:

Me: “Ask me why I want it on my left foot?!”

Lindsay: “Why?!”

Me: “Because when things don’t go right, go left!!”

Lindsay: “Ahh!! I am getting mine on my left foot then too!!”

Thank you Pinterest for that…what would I do without you!


  1. Love them both! I know kane! It's driving me nuts that I can't remember how, but I knew him years ago somehow haha

  2. That's the exact spot I've been thinking about getting a tattoo! How long did it take to heal up?

    1. Hi! I STILL love my tattoo and am so glad I got it in that spot! :) It's hard to remember how long but I don't remember ever thinking that it took too long to heal up. Maybe a month or so? It got a scab and I worried all the ink would fall out when the scab fell off, ha! I'd recommend the spot!

  3. Hi, I've been thinking of getting a tattoo on the inside arch of my foot, a lot like yours but with different words. Anyways, I have heard a lot about tattoos in that location fading and blurring easily, and that it may need a lot of touch ups. How has your tattoo held up?? Has is faded or bled at all?

    1. Hi! Your comment actually came in very timely because I am currently in the middle of deciding on my next (and only second) tattoo which I'm getting on my other foot (I think). As for how this one has held up, I'd say it is still in really good shape. It hasn't bled too much and although it's not as vibrant black, it is still high contrast and isn't fading away. Especially if I put lotion on it, then it really makes it pop. If you want to give me your email address, I can send you a couple of pictures of it today! Just let me know :)

    2. Okay, thanks so much. My email is



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