Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Over It

Unpacking that is.

What. A. Pain

You know what, I truly don’t mind it too terribly much. But the fact is, I’m trying to fit a large house worth of stuff into my little place. Which means, I’m outta room. I am probably going to end up getting a small storage unit but then I have to face the decision of deciding what stays and what goes. “But what if I need this?” “Ooo I haven’t cracked open these cook books in two years but I just love the way they take up space on the counter” “Dang, how do I seriously have so much stuff……”

Yeah. These are some of the things running through my head. I have been putting off a lot of the non-fun unpacking stuff for this purpose. I don’t have the room for all of it. I have definitely only been digging for the boxes labeled “decorations” and I will gladly pass over the ones that say “kitchen” or “misc. garage stuff”. Case in point (and sneak peak of my place) I’ve got a hammer and am hanging stuff but not hardly any boxes had been touched at that point…


Anywho, I finally decided tonight I would get some stuff done. And I did get a lot done, but I have a lot left to do. In fact, as I sit here right now writing this, my kitchen and craft room are in this state: DSC_0496



Back living room/dining area


Guest room


See that clock? Yeah, it broke tonight. True story.

Sooo, aren’t you excited that you’re not me right now?

I’m off to watch Teen Mom, drink a big glass of Publix Sweet Tea and cuddle with my pooch on our big comfy couch.

The unpacking will be there tomorrow…

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  1. lol...Tamara....I DO NOT envy you all that unpacking!!!! Rule of thumb...if you haven't needed it in a year...you don't need it!!



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