Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

I’m laying on the couch not feeling so good. Just planning to take it easy and catch up on my DVR tonight. Don’t mind if I do!

Well the unpacking has come to a sort of standstill. I’m just out of room to put stuff.

I went to Target the other day with two purposes: 1) exchange one of my too long curtains. 2) buy a pet vac I saw on Target’s website (for the couch).

Result? They were out of the right size curtain & they had about 3 in store handheld vacs versus the 15+ they had online. None of which were what I needed. Ugh.

What’s a girl to do, come home empty handed? I think not! I promptly headed to the electronics aisle and spent too much money on a JBL iPhone Speaker docking station. Whoopsie. See I can explain. I LOVE music. I feel like anything can get accomplished if I can have a song going while I do it. Well I had an AWESOME iPod player from Brookstone that I loved. Unfortunately when I got my iPhone though it was not compatible :’( I have thus been without music filling my space since I got my phone in November. With all this unpacking going on, I have just been setting my phone on the counter and letting it play, but it just sucks let’s be honest. So I finally bit the bullet and bought one yesterday.

Here’s my new favorite thing:

The sound is awesome. I hate playing my electronic music devices on crappy speakers. So now I don’t have to. Yay!

Some other randoms…

The plug in my laundry room was not compatible with the plug on the back of my dryer. The dryer is pretty new but the laundry room plug? Not so much. Enter Super Dad to the rescue! (all iphone pics)

photo (93)

He was able to switch out the dryer cord for me and now I won’t have to hang my stuff to dry like in the old days! I hadn’t had to do it yet but it was inevitable if it didn’t get changed.


Saturday I went with Katie & Rossi to Mexico Beach. We had a good time but it rained for an hour or so…thanks again Katie!

photo (98)

If you were in a bathing suit standing next to a personal trainer you’d crop out the bottom half too. Well at least I did would. Just sayin’.

photo (97)

It’s a comin!

photo (96)

Lunch at Toucan’s

photo (95)

Pretty again!

I also made a few of these headbands thanks to Mandy’s tutorial. Thanks for sharing Mandy!

photo (94)

And for those of you that don’t have Facebook, looky what I got from someone special Smile 


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  1. I'm glad you explained about the dryer, I was worried that SuperDad flew in and that's where he landed :)



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