Thursday, February 28, 2013

Phone Dump

The usual. Dumping everything I don’t want to forget. All that fluff that will end up in my blog book one of these days.


Moosey Goosey snuggle girl.



My little Babushka.


My handsome boy.


This picture of Moose reminds me of her first picture with me…

Renee and I have a running joke. Sometimes I post a picture in the morning and a few minutes later she texts/comments saying Copy Cat!

Case in point:


I wear a polka dotted green scarf and she is in a similar sweater the same day.


I curl my hair, she curled her hair.

Then this morning she had posted a picture and I posted one not long after and I realized we were both in blue stripes! Crazyness!


Great minds just think alike! Smile 

Wee house updates. Making it Home.


My friend Lauren shared these mason jar tumblers on Facebook that she’d found. I was going to have her order me one and then lo and behold that exact night David and I were at Bed Bath and Beyond and they had them in store for $10! Snatched this baby up quicker than you can say Southern Sweet Tea!


I hope our babies get these beautiful baby blues!

IMG_2814 IMG_2818

Often I come out of my cave and this is what I find. Everyone crashed on the couch.


I promise this isn’t staged, and David is out. Moose is seriously like a cat and this is how I find her night after night.



We went to Tallahassee Nurseries and finally got some plants for the front of the house. It’s going to be a project that evolves as we add stuff but consider this phase I.

For this I photo shopped what we were thinking.

Landscape 8


Then after it was planted.

Same plan, although it’s going to take a little while for the plants to mature. Also we are probably going to put a hydrangea bush on the front right corner instead of an ornamental tree because our sewer access is smack dab where a beautiful tree could be planted. Oh and we bought and planted two little pencil-like trees on each side of the garage.

David planted everything while I ran back to the nursery for one more purple and one more green.

The purples are Purple Diamond Loropetalums and the greens are Harland Boxwoods.

Grow baby plants, grow!


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