Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stripe, Stripe, Stripe it Up!

We all know I have an obsession with stripes – they’re fabulous!

When we were building, I was trying to mentally eyeball where I’d want my future stripe wall. I’ve been drooling over them for a long time but of course I couldn’t do it in the rental.

I always thought I’d do a Chevron wall, but 1) those are super hard and tedious 2) I get worried about trends.

On a shirt or pillow? No biggie. Hours of labor and on a prominent wall in my house? I’m a little skeptical.

I still can’t get enough of Chevron, just figured I shouldn’t put it on the wall!

A few that inspired me…


[click photo for source]

Well, behold!


Sorry, these are all phone pictures…






Paint edges with original wall color.


Paint your new color. I used Behr “Beluga” matched to Valspar (I believe).

Peel. It’s important you do this while the paint is still wet!


Last step, decorate after letting it dry!

Recipe for perfectly painted stripes:


1. Paint the edges of the frog tape with the existing wall color. This will seal the tape and any seepage under the tape will match the wall color. Wait about an hour before going to step two.
2. Paint your new color over the wall color.
3. Immediately after painting the second coat, slowly peel the tape off at an angle.

Voila! No leaks, no touch ups, just perfectly crisp lines.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great!!

    I'm glad you didn't go with a really big wall. This way it's more of a room divider.

    Man do I wish I had a house to paint. Everything looks great so far!



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