Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bathing Suit Shopping

I had a thought, why isn’t it called Recreational Swim Suit? I don’t wear a suit to take a bath. I guess it’s an “olden days” thing. Huh.


You know what isn’t fun? Recreational Swim Suit shopping. I kind of had a little higher hopes than usual this year shopping for a suit because I’m down 25 lbs from last year and my old suits are really baggy. I decided I'd go take a peek at some new ones. 

I tell you what, it wasn’t any more fun. In fact it was probably worse because I was expecting to feel better (okay, expected freaking hot!) and I didn’t resemble hottie with the body one bit. Ugh.

The only thing I was happy with in the dressing room was that my arms did appear to look a lot better than last year. My upper body has definitely toned significantly. So basically belly button up was cool. I was digging it. Except for the chesticle area but hey, can’t change that! At least not without 10 grand…

There was still a whole lotta work needed in the lower body department. The first official beach trip of the year is coming up and will be here before we know it. Memorial Day at Cape San Blas! 

Guess I know what area needs the most attention from here on out!


  1. Preach! I doubt there will ever be a day that I feel 100% comfortable in a bathing suit - sober.

  2. Bathing suit shopping is THE. WORST. I don't think any girl enjoys it...unless she's a Victoria Secret model. Ugh!

  3. Ugh. THE WORST. I think there's a reason that there aren't full length mirrors and fluorescent lights on the beach...



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