Thursday, April 17, 2014

Family Filled Weekend

A few weekends ago my family came down from Virginia and up from South Florida for a visit. Let’s see we had Uncle Brad, Aunt Maria, cousins Trey and Lane from Plant City and my Aunt Barbara, cousin Dusty, his wife Candace, and their 16 month old Skylar (who is just scrumptious!). My parents’ house was where the fun was this weekend and we didn’t want to miss out so we pulled our camper over there redneck style and spent the weekend! I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture, but there were two campers up and running in the “back forty” of my Mom and Dad’s yard. It was quite the RV park! Thanks for letting us plug in! The pooches enjoyed camper life for the weekend.


That little brown cutie is the neighbor's new pup!

We haven’t seen my VA family in a long time but this trip was spurred by the need for the first GREAT-GREAT grandchild Skylar to meet my PawPaw who is 97. We lost my Momi (great grandmother) earlier this year so it was really important that Skylar get to meet PawPaw while she had the chance. Will she remember it? Probably not, but we have pictures to show for it and I’m so glad my PawPaw got to meet his great-great grandchild. What a gift!

Five generations – PawPaw, Grandma, Aunt Barbara, Dusty and Skylar. Aunt DeeDee passed away but she was PawPaw’s Daughter/Grandma’s Sister/Barbara’s Mom. I think I kept all that straight!

We spent a lot of time laughing, eating, fire huddling, and playing combat croquet! I didn’t take hardly any pictures other than during croquet and I’m kicking myself right now. But we made lots of memories and got in sweet baby snuggles so that’s what’s important!

Aunt Barbara assessing the course before taking her shot.

David and Uncle Brad, sittin' on a log.

Ha! I'd say that one landed in the rough.

Sleeping without a care in the world.

You might have cowboys in your family if the patio looks like this. Boots off boys!

Love a sweet sleeping puppy!

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