Friday, April 11, 2014

High Five for Friday

In the words of Big Al Mack from KKITM, “it’s the weekend baby!”

1)      144. That number. I am so tired of seeing that darn number on the scale! I cannot for the life of me get below it. Losing weight is weird. And mentally exhausting. I guess I’ll tell myself it is fat loss and muscle gain which equals the number on the scale NEVER MOVING AGAIN. Better stationary then up I guess?

2)      Tomorrow morning I’m going to a new-to-me gym to start a 7 day free trial. My gym is okay and dirt cheap, but it doesn’t offer any classes and it is 25 minutes from my house. I’m looking for something closer to home so I can make weekend visits and take exercise classes on non-routine gym days.

3)      This guy. I love that I still look at him and think that I’m such a lucky girl. I know looks aren’t everything but I’m smitten with my hunky hubby!
“Oh Eddie, you shouldn't have, you really shouldn't have.”

10 points to Gryffindor if you can name that movie. One of our favorites!

4)      Oh ma gosh you know how sometimes you really just need a jam session? Well I recently added the best station ever to my Pandora list. 90s Country Radio. You’re welcome. I know every word to every song and good gosh the 90s had the best Country music ever!!
5)      My clothes are boring me to death lately. Partly because things don’t fit right anymore and partly because I wear the same stuff week after week. If anyone would like to fund a shopping spree, hit a girl up mmk?

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Oh my gosh that 90's country would be the JAM! I loved Shaniah Twain and JoDee Messina so much! What a great idea :)



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