Friday, April 18, 2014

High Five for Friday!

1)      It’s rained buckets this week. But that’s okay because it meant I got to wear my favorite boots not once but twice!  Score for dry feet.

2)      We won our first softball game last night! My brother coaches the team and my Mom, David and I all play so it’s definitely a family affair. Last year we started in a low league and got bumped up. This year we started in the highest league and let’s just say we weren’t off to a great start. We lost our first 5 or so games. However last night was the first game in the new league that we should have been in all along and it was close but we pulled off a W! Cheers all ‘round.

3)      I’m not impressed with tomorrow’s weather forecast. It was supposed to be a boat day with the fam and with a high of 63 predicted and rain, not thinking that’s gonna happen. Boo honky.

4)      Every year our realtor’s office holds an Easter Giveaway. You get a flyer in the mail and show up sometime during the day to draw an egg for a prize. You can either win an Easter Lily, an Easter cake, or the grand prize, a tablet! Last year I won a Lily but guess what I won this year?! The grand prize, a Kindle Fire HD! Whoop whoop! There were about 7 eggs left and I came at the very end of the day and I drew the winning egg. Score! 
5)      It’s Friday and pay day, that’s all!

Happy weekend!

(And sorry for the Instagram repeats...)

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