Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Home Sweet James House Update

Fun fact: This is my 500th blog post!

I’ve been getting a lot of pressure lately about this here blog. From parents, grandparents, husband, friends (real life, Instagram (Amy (@amyarchwi), this one is for you!) and Facebook) in addition to pressure from myself! I’ve got to get back on track and I figured what better way to start than with a house update!

We’ll start with a rough timeline of events to bring us up to speed.

January 2015 | Contract Signed and Lot Secured
February 2015 | Waiting on Permitting

March 2015 | Lot Clearing Begins!
March 2015 (Late) | Foundation poured             
April 2015 | Things are moving now! Framing begins.         
April 2015 (Late) | Roof is on           
May 2015 | First glimpse of the exterior paint, Sherwin Williams “Naval”

Windows were installed.
Purchased most of the interior and exterior lighting. So excited about some of the fixtures we got. Hello wall sconces!  

Back deck was constructed. Then we stained it.
June 2015 | Continued progress! 

Paint colors: Check!
Tile picked: Check! The bottom brownish tile is for the bathroom floors and laundry room floor. The grayish tile is shower wall tile and the pebble rock is the master shower floor.
David just had to mow the partially sodded yard. He couldn't stand that the grass was growing crazy and just didn't look nice, ha! 

At this point it’s easier to say what’s left than what is done. We’re in the home stretch!

Builder’s To Do List: 

  •        Paint interior and remaining exterior (trim, siding, deck rails, garage pergola)
  •        Stain front door and garage door
  •        Sod the front and back yard. David and I will be doing the landscaping once we move in.
  •        Install cabinets + granite
  •        Install appliances
  •        Lay hardwoods in master bedroom, kitchen and common areas
  •        Tile both showers and floors in bathrooms and laundry room
  •        Install carpet in two guest rooms
  •        Install light fixtures, switches, outlets.
  •        Install toilets
  •        Install front door (temp in place now) 
  •        Install sinks and shower fixtures
  •        Install interior trim, base boards and crown molding
  •        …and whatever else I may not be thinking of at this time!

House Stats

1,860 ft2
3 Bedrooms/2 Baths
Open/Split Plan
Covered Front Porch
Two Car Garage

Yesterday we picked out granite. The one we of course both loved was over budget. Wayyy over budget. We picked something lighter than we went with last time and I'm excited to have a bright and cheery kitchen! We were hoping for something with more movement but it'll still be pretty! Can't wait to see it installed. I'll wait to post a picture once it is in the kitchen since I feel the photo of it by itself doesn't do it much justice and I'm willing to bet it'll look way difference next to the cabinets. 

Here is the beauty that we were not able to get. Boo. Hiss
At this time, we do not yet have an exact closing date but we are most likely hovering right around the 60 days out mark as of today. I realistically expect us to be in around mid to late August. David is a little more optimistic but I’d rather get the go ahead earlier than expected than later! We should know a firm date within the next week or so.

This process has been fun, exhausting, stressful and exciting but we are oh-so-grateful for the opportunity to build again. Although I can officially say I’m ready to be moved in. Apartment life has provided us with what we needed but I’m so ready to get back to living our life and enjoying our belongings. We only brought the bare necessities to the apartment, everything (and I mean everything) else has been in our storage unit. August will be a year of apartment living under our belt and it’s been good but it’s time to move on! Not to mention our poor pups cannot wait to have a yard to roam in again! And both of us for that matter…

I’ve got so many ideas of things I want to do and I just cannot wait to make them a reality. I’m exhausted thinking about it but I know things will need to happen over time so that I can enjoy turning this house into a home and not get burned out. I tend to be a little intense when it comes to checking things off the list and I’m hoping I can just slow down, soak it in and take my time getting it to where I want it to be. Husband doesn’t help though when he’s already chomping at the bit to get started on our paver patio. It is going to be the bomb diggity.

I can’t wait!!

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